‘Geordie Lad’

Attention all you lovely folk! Thank you to all those who’ve joined us over the festival season, it’s been amazing. Sadly, it’s drawing to a close but it’s not like us Skinnies are resting up. Oh no! We’re looking forward!

Today we are proud to release another new track from our forthcoming album The Devil, The Heart & The Fight. This one’s called ‘Geordie Lad‘. It’s an ode to long lost friends, to let them know that we are thinking of them and wondering how they’re getting on. Check it out here:

And guess what, if you pre-order the album you’ll get ‘Geordie Lad’ and also first single ‘Wanted’ instantly. So no having to wait around until the full album releases on 30th September 2016.

Here are the links to purchase the album to help you make the decision easily!

Direct from Xtra Mile: http://smarturl.it/DevilHeartFight_XMR
Banquet Records: http://smarturl.it/DevilHeartFight_Bnqt
Amazon: http://smarturl.it/DevilHeartFight_Amz
iTunes: http://smarturl.it/DevilHeartFight_iT


And yes, we are VERY MUCH LOOKING FORWARD to TOURING with our new album. October we’ll be hitting the UK and with 3 sold out shows already and tickets flying out fast we are VERY excited. Xtra Mile label mate Dan from Ducking Punches will be supporting us on the UK leg so if you haven’t got your tickets yet, then why the hell not?

Not long after that we’re heading Stateside, where we’ll be undertaking our biggest headline tour to date! EEK! Support will be provided by the incredible Lincoln Durham and another label mate Trapper Schoepp! So much fun to be had!!

Full list of dates HERE

UK and US Skinny Dates

If you’re on the mainland of Europe please do not think we’ve forgotten you either. Plans are being drawn up as we speak and announcements will be made soon so watch this space!


We are very excited to announce that our THIRD album – THE DEVIL, THE HEART & THE FIGHT – will be unleashed upon the world on 30 September 2016! Produced by the wonderful Tristan Ivemy (Frank Turner, The Holloways, Will Varley) and released through Xtra Mile Recordings we can’t wait to share our new sounds with you. It has largely been put together whilst on the road, rehearsing in studios and bunkers all over the world.


Pre-order the album and get ‘Wanted’ as instant download – http://smarturl.it/DevilHeartFight_XMR

Oh yeah, and to celebrate the announcement we’re having a party at one of our favorite pubs ‘The Albion’ in Hastings on Thursday 28th July. Click here for tickets. It’s selling fast so make sure you get yours!


Anyone who pre-orders the album by July 28th will be richly rewarded with a massively exclusive treat wherever you are in the world. Just keep hold of your proof of purchase! More info to follow….

Direct from Xtra Mile: http://smarturl.it/DevilHeartFight_XMR

Banquet Records: http://smarturl.it/DevilHeartFight_Bnqt

Amazon: http://smarturl.it/DevilHeartFight_Amz

iTunes: http://smarturl.it/DevilHeartFight_iT


We’re obviously very excited about touring the album too! Check out where we’re playing on www.skinnylister.com/live and if you can’t see your area yet, then plans may well be in progress and maybe, just maybe we’ll be playing near you soon!

Bahamas and beyond..!

Sitting back here in the UK. The rain is falling and I’m trying to think of how to write up what has been one of the most AMAZING tours yet! Here’s it in brief:

1. Skinny Lister in the Bahamas – Unreal!!!


Shanties in lifts (aka. Skinny Lifter), broken bottles, broken flagons, numerous stage invasions, punk rock karaoke, posh meals, swimming in the sea, snorkeling, amazing friends and amazing bands.

with frank

broken flagon


welcome to nassau

Sun sun sun. As much rum as one can drink, cabin invasions, cabin gigs, blue skies and beach parties. Aaaaannd…two of the best shows we have ever played!

sail away party

It is now a blur but we salute you Flogging Molly for throwing one of the wildest parties Skinny Lister has ever been a part of (and that’s saying something)!

seaFolks – if you want us back there next year please tell these beautiful people again cos we would love to sail again!

ship2. Seven sold out US shows!


Sure, we have sold out a show or two before but night after night, singing to a rampacked room of beautiful people all singing back to us was a very special event and we will forever hold those memories (no matter how drunken they are) in our hearts. Lets do it all again soon!

washing3. The Xtra Mile Recordings’ FAMILY! OK so before this trip we were friends that’s a given but after being in the party bus and enjoying and enduring all that that brought has made Beans on Toast and Will Varley a permanent fixture on Skinny Lister’s Christmas card list. Such talented, fun and…well I’ll stop there before I vomit (not one for sentimentality).

crew assembles


will and chicken4. An extra special thank you goes to THE GENERAL (aka. Jenilea) too forever a reliable head whether it be on the merch table, organizing the schedule or partying with the best or worst of us into the wee hours.

general5. Finally all the hours we spent on our time off in the rehearsal studios working on the new material and then taking these songs to the gigs. Very productive and valuable times and set us off in the right place to get into the studio next week to record our third album. The excitement continues…..

What a team, what a time!

final group shot

Back on the road: January in Germany with Frank Turner and Will Varley!

After a month’s break eating turkey, opening presents, seeing friends and drinking Baileys we’re more than ready to be back on the road with Frank Turner, The Sleeping Souls and Will Varley. W-hoooooOOO!


We pick up The General (Jenilea) from the airport on Saturday so that our merch table is tip top and then we meet up with the rest at Folkestone to get the tunnel over to the mainland. Will Varley is travelling in the Skinnymobile so things are gonna get up close and personal this tour! As usual we play tetris with the stuff in the back and eventually we’re good to go.


Screenshot 2016-01-19 18.05.04


First stop is Utrecht, Netherlands. It’s dark and gloomy weather but not too cold still. The venue is one year old and everything is smooth. The show is back on the road! So good to see familiar faces in the crowd again. Next up is Münster, Hannover and Liepzig. All fun shows. It’s great to be back in Europe, the beer, the people, the food all some of our favourites! We can’t get enough brotchen. Here’s a pic of Thom with his breaky…




By day we spend most of the time working on new songs in rehearsal studios, sleeping or driving while watching horrendously gory films. And occasionally we get to look around. Here’s that one time I got let out of the van after a four hour jouney. As you can see the weather has taken a turn..



Kiel is the most northerly point of Germany that we have ever played. We’ve driven through snow storms to be here and we’re hell bent on partying! Great show. We’ll definitely try to get there again.


Bremen is cold. Oh so cold but inside the Pier 2 the temperatures a lot warmer. Then we take Berlin. Meet up with old friends Peter Fast, Maika and their little one before we take to the stage. Post gig drinks in a smokey pub with a tree inside see us bleary eyed and up late in the morning.


It seems like an age before we get an hour out of Berlin and Dan realizes he’s left his computer bag in the hotel. Reset the clock. This 7 hour journey just turned into a 9 hour one. Nice one Dan!

This year / Next Year / Merry Christmas!

This year has been incredible! On the road with Chuck Ragan & The Camaraderie, our second album ‘Down on Deptford Broadway’ out on Xtra Mile Recordings, a whole heap of brilliant festivals in the UK and across Europe, and touring the whole of the US and UK with the legendary Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls, Beans on Toast and Will Varley. Hanging out with these ridiculously talented individuals who can easily drink us under the table (sometimes) has been a total honour.

Next year is looking pretty busy too. First off, Frank asked if we are in for his Europe leg of touring ‘Positive Songs for Negative People’. Naturally we said YES! He puts on such an amazing show every night. See you guys in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Belgium in January! Full list of dates here.

Then the idea that Skinny Lister, Beans on Toast and Will Varley should go on the American roads again was a definite. Not only does it make sense, as we’re all donning our beach gear and setting sale on the Salty Dog Cruise hosted by the mighty Flogging Molly in March (setting off from Miami and making a round trip in the Bahamas), but I also want to drink a bit more brandy with Will and beat Beans on Toast at, well everything really.


Amidst all that we’re working on our third album. Very exciting stuff! We’ve already played a few of the songs live and we’re well excited by them. That’s got a bit more work in it yet but very exciting nevertheless.

For all you UK people – don’t worry we haven’t forgotten about you. We intend to be playing festivals all over the UK (and Europe) for the whole summer. We won’t stray far!

In the meantime – have a visit to our online Skinny Shop – we’ve put all our latest designs up there and are even doing a nice tidy little Christmas bundle that you can wrap up and give to the Skinny followers in your life this Christmas – or just keep for yourself of course!

Oh and don’t forget to check out ‘Six Whiskies’ and ‘This Christmas’ if you haven’t already. Both perfect songs to get you in the Christmas mood.

Thank you USA!

Needless to say the rest of our US tour was crazy fun. Every gig in that amazing country rocked and everyone we met along the way were cooler than cool. Here’s a few pics.

House of Blues, Anaheim:

Morning off in Ventura: (Cheers Scott & Deena!)

Last night in Dallas:
Dallas Photo Booth

Chicken and waffles in Long Beach CA: (Cheers Halpy!)

US Tour Team:
US Tour Team

Not only did we play over 40 gigs but we also made 3 videos. One for new single ‘Six Whiskies’, out November 27th. (with the help of some fine camera work by Ben Morse)

one tour Documentary (also with the help of Ben Morse)

and one which will be announced on 20th November..! (watch this space)

Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls have a great following and we were so chuffed to be on the road with them and Beans on Toast.

Now – we’re back in The UK – introducing ourselves to his UK followers! Three gigs in and its still as mental. Here’s to more fun ahead!

Next year is already looking pretty busy for us! Hope to see you somewhere along the road… x

Late breakfasts, cake & cool venues!

So the Brooklyn show was possibly one of the most drunkest shows we’ve done in a while. It was GREAT fun! So cool to catch up with old friends, eat peanuts, drink booze and have a good old after party at Skinny’s Dennis’s.

Next day we’re hung over, it’s 2pm and we still haven’t eaten. It’s raining like hell and we’re stuck on the highway. How did this happen??? Next up is a gig in Philadelphia. We haven’t had a day off in a while and there’s three more gigs to go before the next. The venue in Philly is brand new. It’s an old converted warehouse absolutely massive and everyone is out tonight. I don’t think it could have been a better venue to be hung over in. It’s a fancy pants place, the show is really fun and its cool to see the lovely Eva our booking agent.

mike legs

with eva

Next up is Baltimore. Now we arrive pretty much straight out of bed to do an in store acoustic session before Frank at The Sound Garden. Now I had some preconceptions of what Baltimore might be like (and I haven’t even seen ‘The Wire’) but the place we pull into is a beautiful place. There’s a big old crowd at The Sound Garden obviously waiting for Frank but its nice to be warmly received when Dan and I sing ‘Bonny Away’ and ‘Trouble on Oxford Street’.

After that we have a wonderful brunch at a cool little café and head to the venue. Again, another super cool place. Everyone is so welcoming and everything is easy.

mule tom instruments

The place is sold out yet again and Frank joins us on stage for ‘Trouble on Oxford Street’ on mandolin. The crowd obviously goes mental and we have a fantabulous gig.

with frank

Afterward we finally get to celebrate Max’s birthday with balloons, cake and a sneaky escape to an oyster bar for sparkling white and oysters. Yes sir!

oyster bar

As we pull into Washington D.C., we decide to get brunch at an English Pub (yes it’s 4:30 pm and I haven’t eaten yet – what is going on??? It ends up taking forever but when it comes its great. We head to the 9:30 club – a legendary one yet again. It’s again great fun and a big night for Frank as there’s lots of camera crew there filming. We delight in the infamous 9:30 cakes and finish off any recording for our small documentary.

930 club

The next day is a VERY long drive so I won’t bore you with that other than to say I am a LOT better at the card game ‘shit head’ than Jay from Beans on Toast.



The day ends with a quick swim in the pool before bed. Perfect.

Oh – and Dan took a picture of another frog:

frog 2

Burlington, Boston, NYC & Brooklyn!

We’ve never been to the next two towns on the tour schedule so have no idea how the shows will go. Frank pulls a great crowd though and we have a blast. Syracuse – amazing BBQ dinner and so much fun drinking with Jay of Beans on Toast and generally having fun.

Burlington is a cool city. Our hotel is right up close to the venue so it’s party night. Yup – like every night isn’t?! Party George’s mate Graham from a band called Gypsy Reel joins us on stage on fiddle for Forty Pound Wedding! Nice to share the stage with a guy I used to go and see with my family as a kid.


After the show we stumble around looking for a bar but end up in the hotel carpark supping a beer and writing a song. A car alarm goes off. Then a police man comes. We hide our beer. Smile politely and explain we’re on the road and will be moving on in the morning. He seems ok about it and leaves us alone. American police are scary dudes!

Burlington to Cambridge to our familiar favourite – The Middle East for a Skinny headline show. First up is the amazing Matt Charette, followed by Jay and then we close the night out with lots of friends hollering along.

mid east

The next two nights are sold out at the House of Blues in Boston with Frank. I forgot what a big old venue that is. There’s also a baseball game on across the road – the town is heaving. It’s also Boston Calling Festival and apparently Ed Sheeran is playing a slightly larger venue around the corner!

mike surf boston

Frank asks me to join him on stage for ‘Silent Key’. A total honor to be on stage with him – and also a very nerve wracking experience! If you know me I get nervous before our own shows let alone taking to the stage with someone else. It feels like the nerves are like my first ever gig!

lorna and frank

Boston turns into three sold out nights in New York at the Irving Plaza. Amazing legendary venue with an amazing legendary crowd. Nights one, two and three all ROCK. There’s a lot of crowd surfing and yep. Michael Camino did do a forward roll whilst crowd surfing. Nutter.

The others got a chance to go and see the HQ of Marvel comics. I think this was definitely on Michael’s bucket list. We now have a lifetime of comic books…


Tonight we’re in Brooklyn at the Knitting Factory. I’ll let you know how that goes when I get over what promises to be a very big hangover as we’re doing a communal afterparty with Beans on Toast afterwards at Skinny Dennis’ – a cool country bar we got very drunk in last time.

skinny dennis'

Oh yeah – and that session we did with Relix magazine today was pretty sweet too! But you’ll have to wait for that. Here’s a photo in the meantime..


From Memphis to Niagra Falls…

We’ve travelled something like 2000 miles since the last update. We’ve played to the infamous dive bar called The Nick in Birmingham Alabama which looks like its been stuck together after all these years by the trillions of band stickers and staples that remain in the walls.


The place was so friendly and welcoming we had a great time and sampled the local sushi burritos! Delicious! The support band were amazing Jasper Coal as their robo pipes belted out celtic tunes. Cheers for looking after us guys! The evening was nicely rounded off with a great post-gig shanty session.

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 12.36.33

I don’t think Huntsville is a normal stop off for bands on a US tour but Skinny Lister does not know why this is. Apart from the mosquitos everything about this place is right. The people are friendly. They like beer. A lot of beer.


Our gig is in a massive brewery and there is all sorts of beer on offer – watermelon being my favourite tipple! And Dan took a good picture of a frog:


Atlanta was home to the loudest crowd I have heard in a long time!

atlanta crowd



Moonshine given to us by opener The Muckers definitely did mucky the waters the next day as we head to Charlotte for more fun at one of our favourite venues The Visualite. Our good friend Eric is there to greet us with amazing posters he’s printed for us (NOW ON SALE AT OUR GIGS ACROSS AMERICA)!

eric poster

And we have some amazing tacos in the arty part of town. The Menders help to ease the hangovers from the night before and the show is great fun.

Now it’s on to Pittsburgh to meet up with Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls crew and of course, Beans on Toast. We’re playing Mr Smalls which we find out later is owned by our friend Liz Berlin in the band Rusted Root. A great venue which is a converted church. As soon as we’re in the building we’re greeted by Frank and the friendly bunch. All is good. We introduce Jay (aka Beans on Toast) to the bus and he instantly names it Chicago within seconds. Of course the show is a stonker from start to finish. It’s sold out and packed early on.

pittsburgh crowd

To top off a great evening we head to our Pittsburgh home from home – Anti Flag’s pad. Justin and Lauren are possibly two of the most generous and hospitable hosts you’ll find (and their pad is neat – with deer running around the garden)!!

To end this stint I’ll tell you about Cleveland. We arrive at the Grog Shop. A new venue for us. I think I have 10 minutes for a quick coffee before load in and go into the Winking Lizard. Hmm…may as well order a small beer. Oh no! The waitress brings over a 32oz one. It requires 2 hands to drink! EEK. I’m drunk before sound check. Needless to say Cleveland is a treat. Beans on Toast warms the crowd up nicely and we enjoy singing and dancing with all our old and new friends.

A day off and we drive to Niagra Falls.

band niagra

We catch the Maid of the Mist, travel to the end of the earth and back and all are feeling awestruck by the beauty as we travel through a rainbow. A perfect day off.

skinny falls

American Adventures – first few days!

So excited to be back in the States. Riot Fest was great! Got new ear plugs moulded, did a load of press, Michael crowd surfed into the Chicago Tribune and we got to see our good friends Flogging Molly tearing up the stage. Oh and I might have had a bit too much to drink and did Salt’N’Peppa’s Shoop into a camera. Whoops. Check it out here

mike tribune

riot fest live shot

Next stop was Springfield Missouri. First we stop at our favourite Pizza place Pappo’s Pizzas and the beautiful Brianna makes us some tasty food. The venue is described as a shit hole by the sound guy. We love it!

springfield crowd

Good friend Rosco joins us and things get weird as jet lag creeps in. No one cares though cos its Memphis the next day.


A day off in Memphis means we get to go to Sun Studio. Possibly one of the best tours I’ve been on. We get to soak up the spirit of the place where so much magic happened and stand in the spot where Elvis recorded his early classics. (Goose-bumps all round!)

sun studios

After a quick $5 milkshake we head up to the Peabody hotel to see the the very strange ritual that sees 5 ducks make their daily withdrawal from the hotel foyer fountain up to their penthouse suite via an elevator under their own initiative. Memphis is strange. (Duckumentary to follow…)

Dinner sees us at the world famous (apparently) Gus’s Fried Chicken joint too which is amazing. (Heart attacks all round!)


Then we walk along the Missisipi, grab a beer, disguise it in brown paper bags and hit Beale Street. The home of the blues.

brown bags

Amazing bands playing in every other bar. We can’t resist going in and next thing I know we’re dancing and singing drinking big ass beers and shots. Ooof.


Dan drags everyone home and now I have a hangover. (Headaches all round!)

Birmingham next stop…

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