Texas Times & Southern Stories!

We land into Houston – where Garrigan, our driver for the tour, picks us up. First stop beer, second stop tacos and third stop ranch in the middle of nowhere. It’s Garrigan’s place and he is the perfect host.dan porch It’s amazing. So much space! Doughnuts and Tex Mex tacos for breakfast, courtesy of the beautiful Amanda, Garrigan’s girlfriend.

This was followed by some tunes outside and then down to the creek to skim stones and get up to no good.

fingers earsNext stop is Dallas, where to meet up with Jenilea & old friends Flogging Molly! Back in the dressing room of House of Blues it feels like home from home. We can see the crowd grow below and we’re ready to hit the stage with new member Scott Milsom on bass. It’s a pleasure to have him join us on the rock’n’roll journey!

scott welcome

He kills it on stage and we’re all well up for the tour ahead! The party kicked off and we just can’t wait to continue. For now the jet lag’s a bugger though and it’s a good job we fall straight to sleep at our dodgy end of town digs!

Again, House of Blues Houston is the same venue just in a different town. We know the lay out of the venue, we know the menu off by heart (Dan always orders Jambalaya despite previous illnesses caused form it). Before the party starts there’s the usual waiting in the dressing room:

It’s great to be back in Houston. The show is fun and the very same security guard, Psycho, who delivered us to and from the crowd safely last time we were here is there again. So good to get so much support!

On our day off we head over the border surrounded by swamps and crawfish into Louisiana.

Round Two! The South

We leave the state of Texas behind and enter the swampy land that is Louisiana. It’s a long old haul but we’re all excited for a night out in New Orleans (or Norleans, as some people say) one of our favourite places. We stop off on route to eat crawfish at the hotspot in Lancaster The Crawfish Town USA restaurant. Delish on a dish.

IMG_4919It’s Scott’s first time in New Orleans so we take him to see the delights of Bourbon Street before heading to Frenchman. The whole vibe of the place is like a film. The sky is purple, the houses beautiful and with the skyscrapers in the distance it all just feels unreal. Everyone is happy and great music blasts out of every bar.

king street

Despite lots of great suggestions on places to eat we failed a bit in terms of finding them in time but ended up having great Mediterranean on both nights. Max bumped into a friend who was busking in the street and he told us about $1 beers at a bar called Molly’s. Sounded up our street so we headed there and met up with our lovely friend Michelle from Bristol in the UK for drinks and laughter. Next day we manage to find Horn’s for breakfast, a quick trip to Crescent Park and a stroll down Royal Street. All very relaxed before we hit The Joy Theater for more fun with Flogging Molly. The show is great & next thing we know we’re drinking in The Dungeon, a real life vampire bar, eating vodka infused cherries and we end the night in Molly’s again where Mule spent an hour singing back to back Bowie. Party time!

jlee eating

mule vamp

The next venue is in Mobile, Alabama. It’s an outside stage and there are weather warnings of serious rain & lightning. The sky is heavy and it feels like quite a storm coming in. Whilst we wait for a safe time to sound check lots of wonderful people show up. Scott & Deena Keys, Jenilea’s dad Greg and his wife Sue and our friends James and Angie. It’s so amazing to have friends in every town. hair cut

Angie has brought her haircutting tools and so we all get a quick trim whilst we wait. Everyone has brought booze too so yep – we have quite a few drinks! Finally the almighty heavens open there’s 10 minutes of downpour then we get on stage and we’re ready for doors. The sun shines and we feel right at home on the outdoor stage. Nathan Maxwell of Flogging Molly joins us for John Kanaka and we have a fantastic set. The evening ends in chaos at an after party where one too many whiskies were consumed by a certain Party Mule!


It’s a serious drive from Mobile to The House of Blues in Orlando, Florida, which is situated in the wonder that is Disney World. I have to say we were extremely late though so didn’t get out and about to see the magic. Nevertheless, I think that there was more fun going on inside the House of Blues this evening than out and about. The show is packed from the minute we get on stage and we have a fantastic time. There’s an after party with Matt Hensley giving us some tunes on the accordion and then we hit the hotel for sleep and a morning swim. Nice times!

scott jump

Long lost blog!

First off – gotta say, we’ve had some amazing tours! The last two being up there. Our USA whole country headline tour at the end of last year that was unbelievable. Crowds were crazy. We can’t tell you how much we appreciate you mad party animals! Listening to Lincoln Durham and Trapper Schoepp open every evening was also brilliant. They have some great stories too!




Next up we kicked 2017 off with a mammoth tour of Europe with the mighty Dropkick Murphys. Sure, we knew we were going to have great shows but nothing prepared us to play in front of so many friendly party loving punks! Every night was immense. Even the ‘small’ shows were insane! So good to hit France properly for the first time too.

With that in mind we are so excited to have already made announcements to return to the States this month with good friends & unstoppable force Flogging Molly! They’ve just recorded a new album so can’t wait to hear some of those tracks live. And to fill in the days off we’re adding our own two headline shows at The Rock & Roll Hotel in Washington D.C. on Mar 30th (Tickets here) & in New York City at Mercury Lounge on April 2nd! (Tickets here) Make sure you grab your tickets folks!

In addition we’ve already announced a Mainland Europe Tour this Fall! Tickets via www.skinnylister.com/live

euro paris

That’s not even mentioning our UK Tour coming up in April/May where tickets are selling fast! We also have very special guests AJJ along for the ride! Have you got yours Blighty? Tickets via www.skinnylister.com/live


And the summer of festivals lined up…blimey….bye for now…..Lorna xx

The Devil, The Heart & The Fight ALBUM TOUR!

WOW! We’re still BUZZING from our completely SOLD OUT UK Tour! It was amazing and we want to thank all you lovely folk that came out, spread the word and brought friends! It was truly magical.


All of the shows were incredible. Some were in places we’ve played a number of times and some were completely new. Whether small or big though they were rammed full of people singing as loud as they could to all our songs! We still can’t quite believe how many of you have put in the time to learn the words, especially to the new tracks!


pic by Ben Morse


Funke & The Two Tone Baby was a fantastic opener for us. The looping lick wizard came off stage sweating more than us Skinnies (well about the same amount) working you lovely lot up perfectly with his funky beats! You should know that he’s touring the UK this November so you should definitely check out his full show if you get the chance! Other special guests included The Sea Whores in Leeds, Billy Liar in Glasgow, The Red Admirals & The Brandy Thieves warmed up the crowd in Leicester, Sean McGowan in Southampton and Holy Moly & The Crackers drove the crowd crazy in London. Such a pleasure to share the stage with all of them.

Every show had a special kind of energy but London, was our biggest ever headline show so we brought out all the stops. The one and only Frank Turner joined us on stage for ‘Trouble on Oxford Street:

… as well as cult legend Party George, Beans on Toast and Sean McGowan. Not just one flagon but three were passed into the crowd and well, basically it was an overwhelming experience to feel so much love for Skinny Lister in one room.


pic by Ben Morse


In fact you can read this 5 Star live review we got from The Independent…they sum it up pretty well. Check it out by clicking the below pic:


pic by Ben Morse


Now make sure you bring your mates next time we play! Lets make the party even bigger!


pic by Ben Morse


Now folks. We’re ready for the MASSIVE USA headline tour that is ahead of us. Full list of dates here:




‘The Devil, The Heart & The Fight’ OUT NOW!

We are very proud and excited to release our 3rd album The Devil, The Heart & The Fight. Yes people, it’s out NOW. Just click your preferred buying method below and it will take you directly to the album:

Xtra Mile Recordings


Banquet Records



Oh and here are a couple of videos for you to watch too:

Lorna: ‘Making the Devil In Me video was probably one of the most fun videos to make yet. Coming up with the idea was easy. As soon as I saw the sledge hammer in my friend’s yard I knew it would be perfect for such a dark song. Number one on my bucket list is ‘To smash a car windscreen’ and it’s great that I got to do it in the name of art! The second on the list is to ‘Milk a cow’ but I guess any farmer that sees this video won’t let me anywhere near their cows now!’

Don’t forget we’re spreading the love too. Full list of tour dates here

Make sure you get your tickets. See you there! x

UK Tour – Next Week!

UK! Our tour kicks off next week on 4th October and there are only THREE shows with a handful of tickets left. Leeds, Newcastle & Norwich – grab yours to join the party!

Oct 4th – LEEDS / Brudenell Social Club Tickets: here
Oct 6th – NEWCASTLE / The Cluny Tickets: here
Oct 13th – NORWICH / The Waterfront Norwich Tickets: here


‘Geordie Lad’

Attention all you lovely folk! Thank you to all those who’ve joined us over the festival season, it’s been amazing. Sadly, it’s drawing to a close but it’s not like us Skinnies are resting up. Oh no! We’re looking forward!

Today we are proud to release another new track from our forthcoming album The Devil, The Heart & The Fight. This one’s called ‘Geordie Lad‘. It’s an ode to long lost friends, to let them know that we are thinking of them and wondering how they’re getting on. Check it out here:

And guess what, if you pre-order the album you’ll get ‘Geordie Lad’ and also first single ‘Wanted’ instantly. So no having to wait around until the full album releases on 30th September 2016.

Here are the links to purchase the album to help you make the decision easily!

Direct from Xtra Mile: http://smarturl.it/DevilHeartFight_XMR
Banquet Records: http://smarturl.it/DevilHeartFight_Bnqt
Amazon: http://smarturl.it/DevilHeartFight_Amz
iTunes: http://smarturl.it/DevilHeartFight_iT


And yes, we are VERY MUCH LOOKING FORWARD to TOURING with our new album. October we’ll be hitting the UK and with 3 sold out shows already and tickets flying out fast we are VERY excited. Xtra Mile label mate Dan from Ducking Punches will be supporting us on the UK leg so if you haven’t got your tickets yet, then why the hell not?

Not long after that we’re heading Stateside, where we’ll be undertaking our biggest headline tour to date! EEK! Support will be provided by the incredible Lincoln Durham and another label mate Trapper Schoepp! So much fun to be had!!

Full list of dates HERE

UK and US Skinny Dates

If you’re on the mainland of Europe please do not think we’ve forgotten you either. Plans are being drawn up as we speak and announcements will be made soon so watch this space!


We are very excited to announce that our THIRD album – THE DEVIL, THE HEART & THE FIGHT – will be unleashed upon the world on 30 September 2016! Produced by the wonderful Tristan Ivemy (Frank Turner, The Holloways, Will Varley) and released through Xtra Mile Recordings we can’t wait to share our new sounds with you. It has largely been put together whilst on the road, rehearsing in studios and bunkers all over the world.


Pre-order the album and get ‘Wanted’ as instant download – http://smarturl.it/DevilHeartFight_XMR

Oh yeah, and to celebrate the announcement we’re having a party at one of our favorite pubs ‘The Albion’ in Hastings on Thursday 28th July. Click here for tickets. It’s selling fast so make sure you get yours!


Anyone who pre-orders the album by July 28th will be richly rewarded with a massively exclusive treat wherever you are in the world. Just keep hold of your proof of purchase! More info to follow….

Direct from Xtra Mile: http://smarturl.it/DevilHeartFight_XMR

Banquet Records: http://smarturl.it/DevilHeartFight_Bnqt

Amazon: http://smarturl.it/DevilHeartFight_Amz

iTunes: http://smarturl.it/DevilHeartFight_iT


We’re obviously very excited about touring the album too! Check out where we’re playing on www.skinnylister.com/live and if you can’t see your area yet, then plans may well be in progress and maybe, just maybe we’ll be playing near you soon!

Bahamas and beyond..!

Sitting back here in the UK. The rain is falling and I’m trying to think of how to write up what has been one of the most AMAZING tours yet! Here’s it in brief:

1. Skinny Lister in the Bahamas – Unreal!!!


Shanties in lifts (aka. Skinny Lifter), broken bottles, broken flagons, numerous stage invasions, punk rock karaoke, posh meals, swimming in the sea, snorkeling, amazing friends and amazing bands.

with frank

broken flagon


welcome to nassau

Sun sun sun. As much rum as one can drink, cabin invasions, cabin gigs, blue skies and beach parties. Aaaaannd…two of the best shows we have ever played!

sail away party

It is now a blur but we salute you Flogging Molly for throwing one of the wildest parties Skinny Lister has ever been a part of (and that’s saying something)!

seaFolks – if you want us back there next year please tell these beautiful people again cos we would love to sail again!

ship2. Seven sold out US shows!


Sure, we have sold out a show or two before but night after night, singing to a rampacked room of beautiful people all singing back to us was a very special event and we will forever hold those memories (no matter how drunken they are) in our hearts. Lets do it all again soon!

washing3. The Xtra Mile Recordings’ FAMILY! OK so before this trip we were friends that’s a given but after being in the party bus and enjoying and enduring all that that brought has made Beans on Toast and Will Varley a permanent fixture on Skinny Lister’s Christmas card list. Such talented, fun and…well I’ll stop there before I vomit (not one for sentimentality).

crew assembles


will and chicken4. An extra special thank you goes to THE GENERAL (aka. Jenilea) too forever a reliable head whether it be on the merch table, organizing the schedule or partying with the best or worst of us into the wee hours.

general5. Finally all the hours we spent on our time off in the rehearsal studios working on the new material and then taking these songs to the gigs. Very productive and valuable times and set us off in the right place to get into the studio next week to record our third album. The excitement continues…..

What a team, what a time!

final group shot

Back on the road: January in Germany with Frank Turner and Will Varley!

After a month’s break eating turkey, opening presents, seeing friends and drinking Baileys we’re more than ready to be back on the road with Frank Turner, The Sleeping Souls and Will Varley. W-hoooooOOO!


We pick up The General (Jenilea) from the airport on Saturday so that our merch table is tip top and then we meet up with the rest at Folkestone to get the tunnel over to the mainland. Will Varley is travelling in the Skinnymobile so things are gonna get up close and personal this tour! As usual we play tetris with the stuff in the back and eventually we’re good to go.


Screenshot 2016-01-19 18.05.04


First stop is Utrecht, Netherlands. It’s dark and gloomy weather but not too cold still. The venue is one year old and everything is smooth. The show is back on the road! So good to see familiar faces in the crowd again. Next up is Münster, Hannover and Liepzig. All fun shows. It’s great to be back in Europe, the beer, the people, the food all some of our favourites! We can’t get enough brotchen. Here’s a pic of Thom with his breaky…




By day we spend most of the time working on new songs in rehearsal studios, sleeping or driving while watching horrendously gory films. And occasionally we get to look around. Here’s that one time I got let out of the van after a four hour jouney. As you can see the weather has taken a turn..



Kiel is the most northerly point of Germany that we have ever played. We’ve driven through snow storms to be here and we’re hell bent on partying! Great show. We’ll definitely try to get there again.


Bremen is cold. Oh so cold but inside the Pier 2 the temperatures a lot warmer. Then we take Berlin. Meet up with old friends Peter Fast, Maika and their little one before we take to the stage. Post gig drinks in a smokey pub with a tree inside see us bleary eyed and up late in the morning.


It seems like an age before we get an hour out of Berlin and Dan realizes he’s left his computer bag in the hotel. Reset the clock. This 7 hour journey just turned into a 9 hour one. Nice one Dan!

This year / Next Year / Merry Christmas!

This year has been incredible! On the road with Chuck Ragan & The Camaraderie, our second album ‘Down on Deptford Broadway’ out on Xtra Mile Recordings, a whole heap of brilliant festivals in the UK and across Europe, and touring the whole of the US and UK with the legendary Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls, Beans on Toast and Will Varley. Hanging out with these ridiculously talented individuals who can easily drink us under the table (sometimes) has been a total honour.

Next year is looking pretty busy too. First off, Frank asked if we are in for his Europe leg of touring ‘Positive Songs for Negative People’. Naturally we said YES! He puts on such an amazing show every night. See you guys in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Belgium in January! Full list of dates here.

Then the idea that Skinny Lister, Beans on Toast and Will Varley should go on the American roads again was a definite. Not only does it make sense, as we’re all donning our beach gear and setting sale on the Salty Dog Cruise hosted by the mighty Flogging Molly in March (setting off from Miami and making a round trip in the Bahamas), but I also want to drink a bit more brandy with Will and beat Beans on Toast at, well everything really.


Amidst all that we’re working on our third album. Very exciting stuff! We’ve already played a few of the songs live and we’re well excited by them. That’s got a bit more work in it yet but very exciting nevertheless.

For all you UK people – don’t worry we haven’t forgotten about you. We intend to be playing festivals all over the UK (and Europe) for the whole summer. We won’t stray far!

In the meantime – have a visit to our online Skinny Shop – we’ve put all our latest designs up there and are even doing a nice tidy little Christmas bundle that you can wrap up and give to the Skinny followers in your life this Christmas – or just keep for yourself of course!

Oh and don’t forget to check out ‘Six Whiskies’ and ‘This Christmas’ if you haven’t already. Both perfect songs to get you in the Christmas mood.

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