Skinny Lister sign to Xtra Mile ahead of new album release.

Skinny friends! We’re proud to announce our signing to the amazing Xtra Mile Recordings. Watch this space for new Skinny album out Spring 2015.. X


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UK October Tour & other Skinny news!

tour flyer

FOR 5 NIGHTS ONLY, we will be rolling into a UK town near you and playing our forthcoming album in its entirety! 12 new tracks. 12 new ways to dance. 5 Cities. 5 Hangovers. We might even throw some old songs in there as well! A lot of heart and a lot of sweat have gone into the new songs and we can’t wait to share them with you.

October 22nd – MANCHESTER – Night & Day Cafe – Tickets here
October 23rd – BRISTOL – The Full Moon & Attic Bar – Tickets here
October 24th – LEICESTER – The Scholar – Tickets here
October 25th – LONDON – The 100 Club – Tickets here
October 26th – BRIGHTON – Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar – Tickets here

UK, Europe & US news on album release and touring coming very soon..!

PS. GERMANY! We’ll see you at the amazing REEPERBAHN Festival in Hamburg on Wednesday 17th September. We had a great time there 2 years ago and know that this year will not disappoint! Tickets here

PPS. Are you in need of a new shirt? Is your old punk rock back patch worn and tattered? Is your Koozie not keeping your beer cold like it used to? Well look no further than the ONLINE SKINNY SHOP!

Skinny Facebook

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Summer’s here – Festival time!

It has truly been an epic first half of 2014. We can’t believe how fast it has gone, with material recorded for the second album (release date still not clear but looking like early next year), an immense support tour with The Dropkick Murphys, a US Headline Tour including the amazing festivals Bonnaroo and Summerfest completed and already going full steam ahead into UK and German festivals….whoop whoop! Skinny Lister is bringing the party!

For those of you not lucky enough to be dipping your wellies in the mud and tripping over casualties laid in it, here’s a short clip of our gig on the Saturday at the Avalon Stage.

It was so good to see lots of familiar and new people in the crowd…needless to say, this is probably my last memory of the weekend and even a week later when heading to Binger Open Air Festival in Germany I was still recovering…great fun though in a beautiful setting, followed by another beautiful setting only 24 hours later in the rolling fields of Gloucestershire in a small but busy festival called Nibley.

Like I said I joined the band to get into festivals for free… all great fun and we can’t wait for more of it….here’s where we’re going to be over the next couple of months. The question is, where will we see you?!

Friday 11th July – Festibelly, New Forest tickets here

Saturday 12th July – Phono Pop Festival, Rüsselsheim, Germany. Tickets here

Thursday 24th July – Otley Courthouse, Otley. Tickets here

Friday 25th July – Wickerman Festival, Dundrennan, Scotland. Tickets here

Sunday 27th July – Simon Says Festival, Leicester. Tickets here

Thursday 31st July – Cambridge Folk Festival. SOLD OUT

Friday 1st August – Farmfestival, Bruton, Somerset. Tickets here

Sunday 3rd August – Arcu Atlånticu, Gijon, Spain. FREE

Friday 8th August – BoomTown Festival, Hampshire. Tickets here

Friday 15th August – Beautiful Days Festival, Devon SOLD OUT

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US Tour – Final leg..

We’re all excited by a day off and even though it’s still an 8 hour drive to Philly, we stop by a pub and watch England play. We’ve been on the road constantly since arriving in the States so it feels amazing to get a cab into town and watch some football, drink some drinks and eat some burgers – and errr…deep fried Oreos!!? No one really minds that England didn’t win.

lorna oreo

Looking forward very much to seeing our good friend and booking agent Eva we hit the road the next day! We play the North Star Bar where we played last time and have great fun – all getting a little too drunk! The boys go to the ‘real’ Rocky steps this time (discovering they went to the back of the building last time – duh) and we see old friends and new at the gig.

rocky steps crop

Next up is Boston. We’re excited about this show especially as it’s already SOLD OUT! It definitely feels good to be back!  The crowd is amazing and Michael introduces them to our manikin, Rachel, who decides to take to the sky and crowd surf about the packed bar. Thom the drummer also runs on stage in Rachel’s bikini like a crazy nut. A great show and a great party! Cheers Boston!

bikini crop2

boston crowd crop

New York is next on the agenda. IT’S UNBELIEVABLY HOT!!! We can barely think let alone sort all our stuff but eventually we do it and when we return to the venue, we’re grateful to Dave Engelman for the bloody great big strong rum he’s bought us. Uh oh!!! Tonight is going to be party night! Beer is spilt a plenty and we’re all out to party as we have 3 days off in New York!! After the bottle of rum is drunk and we’ve luckily avoided being locked in at the venue, we head out on to the streets of New York… There’s lots of happy faces and we’re all surprised when Thom the drummer takes down most of the fellas in the bar when challenged to arm wrestling competitions…

arm wrestling

Our three day break in New York is great and well deserved if I do say so myself! No mean feat playing so many gigs on as many hangovers without time off. Although when you think we should have rested we certainly didn’t do that…we crossed the Brooklyn Bridge, drank coffee in Little Italy, played spike ball, drank copious amounts of margaritas in various parks, saw The National play, ate lots of great food, watched football and celebrated the birthdays of KC from Onward etc. and Forest Woodward, friend and photographers.

brooklyn bridge

Grand Rapids is fun, reuniting with The Bangups who open up for us and Ultimate Mark from Stepdad – both bands we met on Vans Warped Tour 2012. We’re all really excited though as the next day we head to what is supposed to be the largest waterpark in the WOOOOORRRLLLD!! I’m not sure about that but its great to go down the devil’s drop and other various flumes before heading to Hades a rollercoaster that shocked even me!

roller coaster

I can’t believe Thom, usually terrified of rollercoasters did it and came off smiling. Unbelieavble and good fun before the last two gigs before home. Minneapolis and Summerfest. The party bus at Minneapolis set the gig off with a bang and it was definitely one of the most drunken nights of the tour, with people hanging from the rafters!…it was great fun though and set us off to Summerfest with warm hearts despite heavy heads. This would be our last show with our good friends Onward Etc . We’ve had an amazing time on the road with these guys – a great band and the nicest guys ever! We’ll miss em.!

with onward

Now back in the UK and ready to take on the fields of GLASTONBURY on the AVALON STAGE on Saturday! WhooooOOOOOOOOOP!

glasto programme crop

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And then we ventured south…

We drive through the heat for 9 hours after 3 hours sleep the night before. It’s day six of a nine-day stretch complete with gigs each night, and the 5am wake-up call is hard hitting! Despite this, our memories of Charlotte are good as we’ve played here with Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphy’s and on the Vans Warped Tour and it’s a gig with good presale tickets so we’re all excited.

The sun is shining and the venue is a great theatre style place. We meet up with our new friend Eric who provides yet another beautiful flagon filled with rum and spend time eating dinner with him – sorry we didn’t get photos done Eric – I think we were all whacked from the sleepless night – hope you made it to work ok!!

The gig was great and we totally felt the energy in the room. Thanks everyone for coming down. Amazing, amazing, amazing…the local opening band, Sinners and Saints were great too – in fact all of our local opening bands have been so great we’re planning on making a playlist so you can all have a listen to our favourite tracks.

charlotte crowd crop

Next day we’re off to Atlanta – not such a long drive so we’re all feeling better from some sleep. We haven’t played this town for over a year since we played with Flogging Molly, so we’re not expecting many to turn up, however, we do remember it being a great show when we were here so I’m looking forward to it. Also joining us are our German friends Pierre and Claus Morgenstern (the photographer who took the photo of me in a circle) come to see us on their tour of America Check out Claus’s blog here.

They take some great photos of us in a simulated photo booth session and then we do some band shots at the club.

photo booth

skinny atlanta

Killing Kuddles open the night with a great set before Onward etc. take over the stage and give yet another wild and wonderful performance. Our friend, Nicole, who we met on Vans Warped Tour, also brings us a bag full of dairy free rum and ginger cookies, which last about 12 hours incidentally!

Our set was great, with everyone singing along to songs from ‘Forge and Flagon’ and some even singing along to tracks that will be on the upcoming album and then even other rarities like Merry Old Dance. Amazing! I was almost moved to tears! Then our young friend Andrew took to the stage and knocked our socks off with some amazing dance moves!

atlanta crowd crop

andrew dancer

After the show, the Onward boys crack open a box of Fireworks and we all feel have a small party on the streets of Georgia before heading home for sleep before Huntsville where we’re not quite sure what to expect – other than the venue is a brewery so there’ll be plenty of BEER!

And we’re not wrong. There is P.L.E.N.T.Y of beer. The venue is a brewery with an amazing biergarten out the back.

beer garten

It makes for a much needed break from dark clubs and everyone is very relaxed so we take it all in and it feels almost like a holiday in the nine day stint. Needless to say, the night turns into a biggie! Thanks Yellow Hammer Brewery for a fantastic night and a bloody good hotel with a swimming pool – be rude not to take part in some nighttime swimming!

Shit. I didn’t mean to have a hangover on the biggest day of the tour…yes people, it’s day nine and we’re heading to BONNAROOOOOOOOOOOO! There’s always a bit of stress getting into the festival but eventually we’re sorted and all our gear is dropped off at the stage.

buggy bonnaroo

There’s 20 minutes for lunch before a video interview with AltPress and a quick few beers in artist hospitality. We head to the stage where we’re horrified to see a load of chairs in the tent. We haven’t had a sit down gig in a long time! We move a load of chairs and still look on the small crowd a little worried…we take to stage as soon as the band on the main stage stop and all of a sudden there’s 250 to 300 people in the tent all bouncing and singing along. It’s amazing and gives us all such a buzz! There’s people there that saw us on the Vans Warped Tour, with Flogging Molly and Dropkicks and even someone from Fuji Rock festival in Japan was there…unbelievable.

bonnaroo crowd

Can’t believe we’re not staying to party but it’s a long drive to Philadelphia and we want to watch England play the world cup tomorrow as we’ve got a sweepstake going on – the possibility of winning this has got even me interested in the results!


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We’re back and rocking in the States!!!

Flying into Chicago O’Hare airport, picking the van and trailer up all feels very familiar, like we’re returning to an old home. It’s great to be back on the road and even better that we’re able to do it with our good Friend Rosco who joined us on the Flogging Molly Green 17 tour and Coachella last year.

from above

He’s playing direct support for us in his slam dunking whiskey trucking band Onward etc. The venue, Bottom Lounge is a great looking place, with trains whizzing past the first floor windows constantly on the elevated train tracks famous in Chicago. To make things feel even more familiar Dave, our old drummer happens to be visiting a friend, Christian in Chicago so they come along to the gig too. Christian very kindly lends us his amazing Ludwig drum kit for the tour!

Onward etc. hit the stage with force and deliver a great set. It’s going be a great tour, I know it already! The show is lots of fun…there’s dancing, drinking and hollering. Chicago – we love you!

Next day we’re heading to Columbus, OH. Not a place we’ve played before but John, the drummer of Onward etc. is from the town so it’s cool to be meeting his friends. It’s a cool little dive bar and Britton, the promoter looks after us well giving us lots of beer! Chantieng brings cookies for us too – all is well with the world!

Next up is Cincinnati. We arrive early so get ourselves an ice-cream and enjoy the sun, though Slim is bitterly disappointed by his choice as it was possibly the sweetest thing ever known to man. Shame since he’s trying very hard to stay in good shape – nigh on impossible on the road!! Our name is up in letters in front of the Taft Theatre – it’s a big old venue but we have a good crowd. The Young Heirlooms open up before Onward etc., of which the female singer had a stunning voice – check them out people!

back sign crop

After the show it’s party time at the amazing house of Erin and Alex of Foxy Shazam. I had my first ever Newcastle Brown and we drink and chat and howl at the moon. Next morning we head into a pork joint for a greasy breakfast.

Never has anywhere felt so familiar as the House of Blues in Cleveland, even though we’ve only played it twice (sadly missing our 3rd opportunity to play there last tour with the Dropkicks due to visa problems). After setting up our Skinny Shop and doing our sound check we head to Flannery’s for some food, where we meet the wonderful Molly who greets us with a big old bottle of rum which was easily demolished during the show! Another great opening band was Johnny and the Applestompers. Onward etc. killed it as usual and then when we came to the stage the crowd were ready to party Skinny Style.

cleveland crowd crop

Holly deserves a special mention here as she’s one of the sweetest girls I have ever met. We have the banner Holly and we’ll treasure it!


Next up is Pittsburgh. Tacos for dinner with some weird cocktail of beer and bloody Mary mix really hit the spot before we head to The Thunderbird Café which is another cool little dive bar. Slim continually looks for places to squeeze in some yoga – here he is doing the ‘smokin’ sidecrow outside Wendy’s!

sidecrow crop

The legendary Larry is at the bar buying me jaeger and yep, again I manage to be drunk before getting on stage. Tsk.

pittsburgh crowd crop

After the show we share a few drinks with people including Liz from Rusted Root…here’s a pic with me, Liz and Larry!

Lorna Liz Larry

Then we head straight home as it’s an early start in the morning. And by home I mean Lauren and Justin from Anti Flag’s pad, where we stayed a few months ago. This couple are amazing – thanks for staying up and chatting with us when you had to be up so early next day Lauren for the Vans Warped Tour!! Love to all there! See you at Glastonbury Justin on Sunday at the Leftfield stage!!

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Skinny Lister / Boy George!!

Jet lag is put to bed and we’re now looking forward to getting on the road with the legend that is Boy George! Yep…we’ll be hitting Scotland and England in six shows starting next Sunday in Edinburgh.

Here’s the dates and ticket links…

30/3/14 Edinburgh – The Liquid Room – On stage 7:30pm tickets
31/3/14 Manchester – The Ritz 7:30pm – On stage 7:30pm tickets
1/4/14   Birmingham – Institute – On stage 7:30pm tickets
3/4/14   London – Indigo – On stage 7:30pm tickets
4/4/14   Norwich – The waterfront – On stage 7pm tickets
5/4/14   Bristol – Academy – On stage 7:30pm tickets


See you there. Make sure you arrive early! xx

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The last few days in Boston..

It’s a weird feeling, heading to Boston and knowing we’re staying there for 4 days. A good one but its strange because for so long it’s felt like we have ages to go and now, well, we’re nearing the end.

red sox

Last time I was here I remember crowd surfing during the Flogging Molly set without shoes and when I got to the front, the security guards threatened to chuck me out into the snow because I didn’t have my ID. Anyway, fortunately, that didn’t happen this time! Though poor old Dave did bust his toe in after being attacked by a rogue flagstone.

broken toe

The gigs are fun, lots of drunken shenanigans go on, a great climax to the tour! Great to meet some familiar and not so familiar faces! (Sorry I nearly got you chucked out Zachary)!!

boston crowd 2

Since we were all in Boston for four days we all planned to spend some time being tourists, although every time I woke up it had gone midday. Slim and his very wonderful friend Jim who came to help out did manage to do a bit though…they did the freedom trail, saw the parade on St. Patricks Day and ate at some famous diners.


The last night’s party in the VIP room is a blurred memory but I’m informed I was described as a ‘live wire’ by the almighty Ken Casey (bass player and lead singer)! I have no idea.

Anyway, what an amazing experience. Thank you to the Dropkick Murphys for it, thank you to all the new friends we’ve made and to Mary and the fellas from Lucero for some epic hangs. Until next time!

last supper 3

June tour dates (and ticket links)

5th June – Bottom Lounge – Chicago, IL tickets
7th June – Taft Theatre – Cincinnati, OH tickets
8th June – House of Blues – Cleveland, OH tickets
10th June – Visulaite Theatre – Charlotte, NC tickets
11th June – Vinyl – Atlanta, GA tickets
15th June – Theatre of Living Arts – Philadelphia, PA tickets
16th June – Middle East – Boston, MA tickets
17th June – The Knitting Factory, Brooklyn, NY tickets

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New Jersey & New York, New York!

We’re up early and off to Sayreville. its a long drive but these are slowly dwindling down and we’re getting towards the final leg! Sayreville seems pretty warm when we roll into a car park which seems to be in the middle of nowhere.


We have a couple of interviews and a stock check but all is good. Despite a very quick sound check we go out and hammer the gig. The night turns into a good’un. People buy me fireballs and buy shirts galore. Success!

Another long drive sees us into Huntington, Long Island. Tonight we’re joined by the Irish band The Mighty Steph who are great guys. We play and all is fun! It’s another day off the next day and so we’re heading to stay in an air b’n'b in Williamsburg, NYC. It’d be rude not to! We arrive to our 6 bed studio flat (shock horror!). It’s just one room that the lads can’t even stand up in with the smallest ‘kitchen’ you have ever seen!


We laugh ourselves to sleep, pretty much on top of each other. Slim and I wake up at the crack of dawn to move the van. In last nights clothes and hangovers we must look a right state as we park the van at a pay and display for half hour. We can’t find anywhere else to park so we eat some great eggs and hash browns, drive around for another 50 minutes before heading back to flat. Ugh! Straight back to bed before everyone else gets up!  It’s not long though and I think fook it, may as well get up for the day, we get bagels, go vintage clothes shopping before heading down town Manhatten for some tourist action.


We go to the dazzling lights of Town Square straight into the calm quiet Central Park.

times sq

Then we have a cup of tea with cake before I take the boys to the barbers to get their hair smartened up. Funny.

hair cut

We head back to the flat to get a quick rest before heading out into Williamsburg to meet old friends. First we meet Liam, an old school friend of mine for some very tasty spicy Thai food before heading to the bar Skinny Dennis where we’re meeting up with Maura from Rusted Root tour times, Ryan, Rosco’s brother and Forest Woodward the amazing photographer who took some great shots of us last year.

nyc gang

Michael’s friend Diana arrives and Dave returns from meeting an old school mate and we head to a punk rock bar down the road. Drink until the wee hours and create almighty hangovers before the party begins in Boston. Bring it on!

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Travels, tricks & tattoos..!

It’s great to be back in Charlotte where magical things can happen! We’re all feeling a little tired, Max’s face and instrument had taken a battering and our flagon had fallen out of the trailer a second time and smashed to bits beyond repair. BAD TIMES!!! However, we’re in Charlotte so only good things can happen! Behold Erick who we met on the Flogging Molly Green 17 tour last year kindly brought us an AMAZING flagon!!! It’s a beauty! Thank you Erick!

new flagon

The gig is saved and we’re all happy and good and full of rum. Dave is excited to get a tattoo off of that badass artist Oliver Peck after the show and we all head to watch the magic happen in Oliver’s amazingly cool RV..


tat close

Next stop is Pittsburgh, hometown of the almighty Larry who looked after us in Japan! It’s great to be reunited! We have a new load of T-shirts to sell and do well at selling them (with the help of Matt, Larry’s son – thanks Matt)!

Next day is a well deserved day off and we wake up in the most amazing flat I may well have ever stayed in courtesy of Justin from the band Anti Flag who we met whilst at Warped Tour. It’s out in the woods and I shower looking out of a huge window as deer gaze in from just meters away! I felt like Tess of the Derbevilles!

Once we’d eaten the delicious chilli made by Larry’s wife Pat for breakfast, Justin from Anti Flag’s brother, Joe, introduces himself as an awesome magician and he most certainly is! We’re all dumbfounded and left with a magic card to remember. He then says he has some snakes we can hold and I get excited!

justin place

Yippee…another chance to feel like Tess (sort of)! After that we head into Pittsburgh downtown to meet Larry and see the incline (an old lift, kind of like a funicular).


After that we head to a dive bar for one of the best burgers and a pint or two before heading back to Justin’s pad and having a film and pizza. A brilliant day!

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