Thank you USA!

Needless to say the rest of our US tour was crazy fun. Every gig in that amazing country rocked and everyone we met along the way were cooler than cool. Here’s a few pics.

House of Blues, Anaheim:

Morning off in Ventura: (Cheers Scott & Deena!)

Last night in Dallas:
Dallas Photo Booth

Chicken and waffles in Long Beach CA: (Cheers Halpy!)

US Tour Team:
US Tour Team

Not only did we play over 40 gigs but we also made 3 videos. One for new single ‘Six Whiskies’, out November 27th. (with the help of some fine camera work by Ben Morse)

one tour Documentary (also with the help of Ben Morse)

and one which will be announced on 20th November..! (watch this space)

Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls have a great following and we were so chuffed to be on the road with them and Beans on Toast.

Now – we’re back in The UK – introducing ourselves to his UK followers! Three gigs in and its still as mental. Here’s to more fun ahead!

Next year is already looking pretty busy for us! Hope to see you somewhere along the road… x

Late breakfasts, cake & cool venues!

So the Brooklyn show was possibly one of the most drunkest shows we’ve done in a while. It was GREAT fun! So cool to catch up with old friends, eat peanuts, drink booze and have a good old after party at Skinny’s Dennis’s.

Next day we’re hung over, it’s 2pm and we still haven’t eaten. It’s raining like hell and we’re stuck on the highway. How did this happen??? Next up is a gig in Philadelphia. We haven’t had a day off in a while and there’s three more gigs to go before the next. The venue in Philly is brand new. It’s an old converted warehouse absolutely massive and everyone is out tonight. I don’t think it could have been a better venue to be hung over in. It’s a fancy pants place, the show is really fun and its cool to see the lovely Eva our booking agent.

mike legs

with eva

Next up is Baltimore. Now we arrive pretty much straight out of bed to do an in store acoustic session before Frank at The Sound Garden. Now I had some preconceptions of what Baltimore might be like (and I haven’t even seen ‘The Wire’) but the place we pull into is a beautiful place. There’s a big old crowd at The Sound Garden obviously waiting for Frank but its nice to be warmly received when Dan and I sing ‘Bonny Away’ and ‘Trouble on Oxford Street’.

After that we have a wonderful brunch at a cool little café and head to the venue. Again, another super cool place. Everyone is so welcoming and everything is easy.

mule tom instruments

The place is sold out yet again and Frank joins us on stage for ‘Trouble on Oxford Street’ on mandolin. The crowd obviously goes mental and we have a fantabulous gig.

with frank

Afterward we finally get to celebrate Max’s birthday with balloons, cake and a sneaky escape to an oyster bar for sparkling white and oysters. Yes sir!

oyster bar

As we pull into Washington D.C., we decide to get brunch at an English Pub (yes it’s 4:30 pm and I haven’t eaten yet – what is going on??? It ends up taking forever but when it comes its great. We head to the 9:30 club – a legendary one yet again. It’s again great fun and a big night for Frank as there’s lots of camera crew there filming. We delight in the infamous 9:30 cakes and finish off any recording for our small documentary.

930 club

The next day is a VERY long drive so I won’t bore you with that other than to say I am a LOT better at the card game ‘shit head’ than Jay from Beans on Toast.



The day ends with a quick swim in the pool before bed. Perfect.

Oh – and Dan took a picture of another frog:

frog 2

Burlington, Boston, NYC & Brooklyn!

We’ve never been to the next two towns on the tour schedule so have no idea how the shows will go. Frank pulls a great crowd though and we have a blast. Syracuse – amazing BBQ dinner and so much fun drinking with Jay of Beans on Toast and generally having fun.

Burlington is a cool city. Our hotel is right up close to the venue so it’s party night. Yup – like every night isn’t?! Party George’s mate Graham from a band called Gypsy Reel joins us on stage on fiddle for Forty Pound Wedding! Nice to share the stage with a guy I used to go and see with my family as a kid.


After the show we stumble around looking for a bar but end up in the hotel carpark supping a beer and writing a song. A car alarm goes off. Then a police man comes. We hide our beer. Smile politely and explain we’re on the road and will be moving on in the morning. He seems ok about it and leaves us alone. American police are scary dudes!

Burlington to Cambridge to our familiar favourite – The Middle East for a Skinny headline show. First up is the amazing Matt Charette, followed by Jay and then we close the night out with lots of friends hollering along.

mid east

The next two nights are sold out at the House of Blues in Boston with Frank. I forgot what a big old venue that is. There’s also a baseball game on across the road – the town is heaving. It’s also Boston Calling Festival and apparently Ed Sheeran is playing a slightly larger venue around the corner!

mike surf boston

Frank asks me to join him on stage for ‘Silent Key’. A total honor to be on stage with him – and also a very nerve wracking experience! If you know me I get nervous before our own shows let alone taking to the stage with someone else. It feels like the nerves are like my first ever gig!

lorna and frank

Boston turns into three sold out nights in New York at the Irving Plaza. Amazing legendary venue with an amazing legendary crowd. Nights one, two and three all ROCK. There’s a lot of crowd surfing and yep. Michael Camino did do a forward roll whilst crowd surfing. Nutter.

The others got a chance to go and see the HQ of Marvel comics. I think this was definitely on Michael’s bucket list. We now have a lifetime of comic books…


Tonight we’re in Brooklyn at the Knitting Factory. I’ll let you know how that goes when I get over what promises to be a very big hangover as we’re doing a communal afterparty with Beans on Toast afterwards at Skinny Dennis’ – a cool country bar we got very drunk in last time.

skinny dennis'

Oh yeah – and that session we did with Relix magazine today was pretty sweet too! But you’ll have to wait for that. Here’s a photo in the meantime..


From Memphis to Niagra Falls…

We’ve travelled something like 2000 miles since the last update. We’ve played to the infamous dive bar called The Nick in Birmingham Alabama which looks like its been stuck together after all these years by the trillions of band stickers and staples that remain in the walls.


The place was so friendly and welcoming we had a great time and sampled the local sushi burritos! Delicious! The support band were amazing Jasper Coal as their robo pipes belted out celtic tunes. Cheers for looking after us guys! The evening was nicely rounded off with a great post-gig shanty session.

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 12.36.33

I don’t think Huntsville is a normal stop off for bands on a US tour but Skinny Lister does not know why this is. Apart from the mosquitos everything about this place is right. The people are friendly. They like beer. A lot of beer.


Our gig is in a massive brewery and there is all sorts of beer on offer – watermelon being my favourite tipple! And Dan took a good picture of a frog:


Atlanta was home to the loudest crowd I have heard in a long time!

atlanta crowd



Moonshine given to us by opener The Muckers definitely did mucky the waters the next day as we head to Charlotte for more fun at one of our favourite venues The Visualite. Our good friend Eric is there to greet us with amazing posters he’s printed for us (NOW ON SALE AT OUR GIGS ACROSS AMERICA)!

eric poster

And we have some amazing tacos in the arty part of town. The Menders help to ease the hangovers from the night before and the show is great fun.

Now it’s on to Pittsburgh to meet up with Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls crew and of course, Beans on Toast. We’re playing Mr Smalls which we find out later is owned by our friend Liz Berlin in the band Rusted Root. A great venue which is a converted church. As soon as we’re in the building we’re greeted by Frank and the friendly bunch. All is good. We introduce Jay (aka Beans on Toast) to the bus and he instantly names it Chicago within seconds. Of course the show is a stonker from start to finish. It’s sold out and packed early on.

pittsburgh crowd

To top off a great evening we head to our Pittsburgh home from home – Anti Flag’s pad. Justin and Lauren are possibly two of the most generous and hospitable hosts you’ll find (and their pad is neat – with deer running around the garden)!!

To end this stint I’ll tell you about Cleveland. We arrive at the Grog Shop. A new venue for us. I think I have 10 minutes for a quick coffee before load in and go into the Winking Lizard. Hmm…may as well order a small beer. Oh no! The waitress brings over a 32oz one. It requires 2 hands to drink! EEK. I’m drunk before sound check. Needless to say Cleveland is a treat. Beans on Toast warms the crowd up nicely and we enjoy singing and dancing with all our old and new friends.

A day off and we drive to Niagra Falls.

band niagra

We catch the Maid of the Mist, travel to the end of the earth and back and all are feeling awestruck by the beauty as we travel through a rainbow. A perfect day off.

skinny falls

American Adventures – first few days!

So excited to be back in the States. Riot Fest was great! Got new ear plugs moulded, did a load of press, Michael crowd surfed into the Chicago Tribune and we got to see our good friends Flogging Molly tearing up the stage. Oh and I might have had a bit too much to drink and did Salt’N’Peppa’s Shoop into a camera. Whoops. Check it out here

mike tribune

riot fest live shot

Next stop was Springfield Missouri. First we stop at our favourite Pizza place Pappo’s Pizzas and the beautiful Brianna makes us some tasty food. The venue is described as a shit hole by the sound guy. We love it!

springfield crowd

Good friend Rosco joins us and things get weird as jet lag creeps in. No one cares though cos its Memphis the next day.


A day off in Memphis means we get to go to Sun Studio. Possibly one of the best tours I’ve been on. We get to soak up the spirit of the place where so much magic happened and stand in the spot where Elvis recorded his early classics. (Goose-bumps all round!)

sun studios

After a quick $5 milkshake we head up to the Peabody hotel to see the the very strange ritual that sees 5 ducks make their daily withdrawal from the hotel foyer fountain up to their penthouse suite via an elevator under their own initiative. Memphis is strange. (Duckumentary to follow…)

Dinner sees us at the world famous (apparently) Gus’s Fried Chicken joint too which is amazing. (Heart attacks all round!)


Then we walk along the Missisipi, grab a beer, disguise it in brown paper bags and hit Beale Street. The home of the blues.

brown bags

Amazing bands playing in every other bar. We can’t resist going in and next thing I know we’re dancing and singing drinking big ass beers and shots. Ooof.


Dan drags everyone home and now I have a hangover. (Headaches all round!)

Birmingham next stop…

On the road with Frank Turner – USA & UK !!

America! Let’s go on a date. Hell, let’s go on a bunch of dates! Did you know we’re coming your way this week? We got some Headline shows. We got some shows supporting the mighty Mr. Frank Turner along with the brilliant Beans On Toast. We got some shows where we’re all gonna make bad decisions together…. And when we say bad decisions, we mean the best decisions ever! Who’s with us?! Click here to get your tickets now!

Skinny US Tour 2015

Then old Blighty – if you’re feeling a little left out – then feel left out no longer – cos we’re only going to get back to the UK and do it all again with Frank. And this time we’ll be joined by the amazing Will Varley. Check it! There’s not many tickets left so grab yours whilst you can here

Skinny / Frank UK

Full list of dates and ticket links here:

PS. Don’t forget to keep up with all the latest Skinny news at:
Skinny official Website

Skinny Facebook

The ‘Down on Deptford Broadway’ Tour rocked!

How amazing to see so many familiar faces, meet new ones and to hear everyone singing along to new songs. I’m so institutionalized into tour life now I find it hard to think about anything other than where the hotel is, when’s load in, when’s sound check and most importantly – where’s the rum? Which is all very confusing when I wake up in my own bed!

There are some obvious highlights of the tour…recruiting Sean McGowan as shanty man, Dan drunkenly mistaking Party George for our taxi driver and asking how much he owed him, everyone at the O2 Islington Academy show singing along to Bonny Away and Dan doing some Elvis Presley style crowd hand shaking!

A few ‘off duty’ highlights (that we happen to have pics of.!) include a visit to the oldest pub in England – the amazing Jerusalem Inn in Nottingham. A stroll around the Yorkshire Sculpture Park and Ice creams in Norwich. Lovely stuff!

oldest pub in England


dudes michael pants down

ice cream

Our first trips to Leeds and Sheffield were a massive surprise and so much fun – sorry to the reviewer who I pushed over but still gave us a good review! Thank you. Singing and dancing in a market square in Norwich took us back to old days whilst a night out on the town with our mate Beans On Toast after the gig almost finished us off!


To end the tour in my home town of Leicester in the O2 Academy was an amazing finish! Thanks to everyone who flew over from Europe to join the tour too!

leicester O2 brighter

I don’t think the Belgium girls who we kidnapped and took to the Forge for the after party knew what had hit them. So much fun! And a massive hangover now…Skinny Lister CANNOT wait to get on the road and party some more with you fine folk.

forge with sean and luke

Once again – big thanks to the amazing Seán McGowan for being such a pleasure to be on the road with. If you enjoyed Seán’s stuff, or you didn’t catch him at the shows, we urge you to check him out here: SEÁN MCGOWAN. And a final thank you and big shout-out to our unsung hero of the tour – Luke, who took care of business on and off stage and kept the Skinny machine chugging along nicely. Cheers Luke!

Don’t forget to check out our online store if you came to a show but managed to spend all your money on booze rather than merch! All updated fresh (including the numbered limited edition Skinny Lister brasses!) here: SKINNY SHOP

+ Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter which also tells you when we’re going to be in your town here: SKINNY LISTER OFFICIAL WEBSITE

And there are lots of exciting things that we can’t announce yet both here in the UK and across the pond….People of America hold on to your hats!

UK TOUR. First leg..

The UK Tour we’ve all been waiting for! Celebrating the release of ‘Down on Deptford Broadway’ at some of our favourite towns on this planet. With a couple of great reviews under our belt we’re excited to hit the road. First stop the West Midlands for a kick-off. Dinner in one of the oldest buildings in Brum sets us up for the activities and antics that lie ahead.

We’re lucky enough to have the beautifully happy Hannah Dunne helping us out with the Skinny Shop for the first leg. We set up our new merch stand mad by me mam. It looks great donning new Skinny Tour T-shirts and a lovely ladies soft light red crest T-shirt. And of course – our new shiny Horse Brass.

lorna with brass


No local band opening tonight so it’s the great fun talented Mr Sean McGowan who takes the stage first – dishing out his life history in poetry and charming the crowd immediately. Everyone’s in a great mood and we can’t wait to hit the stage.

Next stop – Glasgow – our first ever headline show up there and we’re a little nervous but no need to be. The evening sails by amazingly well with a great local opener Sunshine Social putting out beautiful sounds, followed by Sean and then us – followed by some disco dancing and too many white Russians. Michael captures a domestic violence case being put to an end by the police and we escape the bar before we find ourselves in a scrape with a local drunkard. Nice to see new friend Paul Melville there too!

Feeling slightly worse for wear we move onto Edinburgh – arriving early me and Hannah go look around the beautiful city. I have an ice-cream, Hannah gets to hold an owl!

hannah owl

We get to the amazing Voodoo Rooms in time for wine and olives before the lads need us to help load in. It’s party night in Edinbugh!

voodoo rooms crowd shot

Everyone is drunk and we are raring for a party afterwards…we pick up a cat, drink copious amounts of cocktails and then end up swimming through caramel jazz down the road…YAHTZEEE!!

edinburgh party night

Bleary eyes follow the next day – we were lucky not to get kicked out of the T-lodge when I proudly say the gang behind no. 329 were my mottly crew – whoops! I think the guy was slightly disappointed to find out I was the Tour Manager when he asked!

Last night of the first leg in Newcastle and a sold out packed house! Fun fun Fun! Thanks to Candi’s Dogs for warming up the stage. Sean came off buzzing and we went on well, danced, drank, sang and climbed.

Check out John Kanaka clip captured by Sean below:

michael vid link

mike surf the toon

Then we hit the Toon for more drinks with cousin Ben Church (wicked guitarist and singer) and Ruth and Conrad from Holy Moly and the Crackers (we celebrated Conrads birthday seriously – ending the night in Greggs at 3:30am before making it back to our very noisy hostel…

Roll on next leg!

Still to come:

April 29th – LEEDS – Brudenell Social Club –
April 30th – SHEFFIELD – The Leadmill –
May 1st – NOTTINGHAM – The Bodega –
May 2nd – CAMBRIDGE – Cambridge Junction 2 –
May 5th – BRISTOL – Exchange –
May 6th – CARDIFF – Clwb Ifor Bach –
May 7th – LONDON – O2 Academy Islington –
May 8th – NORWICH – The Waterfront Norwich –
May 9th – LEICESTER – O2 Academy Leicester–

‘Down On Deptford Broadway’ album OUT NOW!

New album ‘Down On Deptford Broadway’ OUT NOW. Available on CD, Vinyl & Download. Party time!

NME Magazine – 8/10 ‘Embrace your inner Pogue’
London Evening Standard – 4/5 ‘It’s hard to imagine anything more mischievous.’
The Guardian – ‘…channels the riotous spirit of their beer-swilling live shows.’

Exclusive FULL New Album Stream!

Skinny friends! Only a week until ‘Down On Deptford Broadway’ is released to the world.

Can’t quite wait that long? Well courtesy of The Guardian you can stream the album in it’s entirety here: FULL ALBUM STREAM

‘Channels the riotous spirit of their beer-swilling live shows.’ The Guardian

‘Release your inner Pogue.’ 8/10 NME

‘Front Runner for folk album of the year.’ 5/5 Chimeo

‘This is the sound of a band who have found their own sound with aplomb!’ FATEA

Order ‘Down On Deptford Broadway':

Skinny Press Pic 3

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