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Glasgow – Leicester

The sun was still shining when we drove into Glasgow, all feeling a little worse for wear but nevertheless ready to belt out another set in Glasgow. Great fun and thanks to Lisa for bringing down the Scotsman paper chap. The gig was followed by more fun which found me in a beautiful old tenement flat in my underwear in red high heels…hmmm…was planning on a quiet night. How did this come about? I have vague recollections of promising to go to bed and then sneaking up again for another hour, dancing on tables and tall people falling over…ouch.

Max sleeps in a box

The drive to Leicester was long. Enough said. But upon arrival I knew it was gonna be a good’un. Back in my home town. The Landlord of the Donkey greeted us. A character to say the least. In his kilt, walking boots, jacket and beard telling tales of lost fingers and broken glass whilst pouring jaegermeister down my neck. The pub fills up and the gig is great. George and Roger Wilson join us on stage and that ups the antics further. Thanks to all who came to see us. You did me proud. Sorry to those who wanted to buy music….but you can pre order the album via Amazon now!

The lads decide to head back to London after the gig but I decide to stay at home with mother and father. There was no way I could face another 2 hours in the Landy after the skin full I’d had and anyway…Party George was on top form and needed a partner in crime!

Skinny on stage at The Donkey

Forge & Flagon UK Tour: Hay-on-Wye, to Lewes and then up to Newcastle

The tour kicks off at Hay-on-Wye How the Light Gets In festival. The drive there is set against an amazing backdrop with the sun coming down behind the mountains and lighting up the grey rain clouds. Inside the Landy is blind panic as we believe ourselves to be very late. Dan Hep puts his foot to the floor and we speed around welsh winding roads, making wrong turns and desperately trying to find internet signal for the map. Good job Dan. We make it in time for a sound check. There’s some crazy dancing (not by me might I add) and then make our way to the Baskerville Hotel which is one of the most amazing buildings I have ever stepped foot into.

Baskerville Hall

I’m not sure it was the bottle of rum that I had consumed or whether it actually was the most surreal place I’d been! Unfortunately no photos as battery had died when using map to find the gig. Anyway, each of us had a bunk to ourselves and a good night’s kip before Meadowlands Festival in Lewes.

Fox and Mule have a flutter at roulette in the Casino tent

Very excited about this trip as lots of my mates are planning a party and a kidnapping of my good self. The sun shines, we drink, the rain pours, we drink, I think I might have to quit the band because of the threat of a wash out but then, just as we get ready to get on stage the rain stops, a crowd gathers and the dancing starts. Great fun….followed by more great fun. A vague recollection of finishing off yet another bottle of rum, cider being thrown over me and…hmmm, not much more. Must have found my way to the tent though because that’s where I woke feeling extremely rough with a nine hour journey to Newcastle ahead of me.

Rum fun

The rain comes down all the way but then, as the Angel of the North appears so does the sun. Hurray. As Dan Gray pulls into his home town he starts to reminisce and tells tales of Geordiness. I can’t go into those but maybe he’ll have his own CD of these later in his career! Friends gather, it’s a great gig, Dan’s Dad joins us on stage for ‘Keep Your Feet Still Geordie Hinnie’ and the crowd joins in. We hit the town after for some more rum fun. To our relief we find a dodgy pub on a corner with lots of people inside with big eyes and funny moves. We drink.

EXTRA – The Skinny Sisters did a revealing photo shoot for us at Meadowlands, the results of which will be revealed online as part of our album launch day celebrations on 11th June… Get ready for an eyeful!

The countdown to the launch of ‘Forge & Flagon’ is underway! UK Tour starts Friday!

We’re off on tour around the UK from Friday to support our very first full length album ‘Forge & Flagon’ which will release on Sunday Best Records on Monday 11th June. That’s just under 2 weeks from now! Check below to see if we’ll be playong at a venue near you and come down to help us celebrate! Forge & Flagon is available from iTunes for download or from for CD versions. Get your copy from one of the links now!

See you on the road!

Skinnies x

First Double AA side single confirmed! ‘Plough & Orion’ / ‘If The Gaff Don’t Let Us Down’ coming 9th April 2012

Our first single on Sunday Best Recordings will come out 9th April and it’s going to be… Plough & Orion / If The Gaff Don’t let Us Down. Check out the below release for all the details…

Already officially crowned the hardest working band of 2011, Skinny Lister now set their sights on conquering hearts and minds with the release of their debut album Forge & Flagon in 2012.

To get things started in true Skinny fashion the band release their first AA sided single; a beautiful slice of pop infused folk (Plough & Orion) coupled with a rip roaring folk marauder (If the Gaff Don’t Let Us Down) that perfectly represents both sides of Skinny’s musical personality. Plough & Orion//If The Gaff Don’t Let Us Down is released on 9th April.
Skinny Lister are Daniel Heptinstall, Lorna Thomas, Maxwell Thomas, Sam Brace and Dan Gray who came together in the summer of 2009. United by their love of folk, jigs and the outdoors the band have been riotously swinging the festival scene since day one, notching up an impressive 30 festivals last year.

The band soon came to the attention of festival impresario and all round good egg, Rob Da Bank, who welcomed Skinny to the family fold and his Sunday Best Recordings label.

Skinny Lister are all about good times and high energy performances with their modern day take on traditional folk. Equal parts sing along melodies and shanty, tenderness and rum making for a rollicking good time vibe at every gig. The flagon of liquor passes high above your head as you’re swung around by one of the Skinny Sisters, a troupe of the finest, dancing girls you’ll find in this great land, bedecked in summer hats and dresses, who ensure the party starts on the first note.

Skinny Lister are English to the core, upholding the finest musical traditions born in days gone by and brought merrily into the here and now. For everything Skinny there is a Skinny way. Their trusty Land Rover crammed to the rafters with beaten up old cases, a stomp box, mandolin, a melodeon, guitars and the double bass strapped to the roof, its no ordinary tour bus. When Skinny take to the road it’s in style. The Grand Union tour saw the band tackling locks aboard a narrowboat, stopping off at waterway taverns along the way, recording an EP and bringing cheer and good times to riverside folk. A whistle stop ‘Homemade’ tour of their home towns, criss-crossed Great Britain and nearly blew a gasket!

Skinny Lister’s debut album Forge & Flagon was recorded at the wonderful Bryn Derwen studios in deepest darkest Snowdonia with producer David Wrench (Bat for Lashes, James Yorkston) The band were joined by folk royalty Kathryn Tickell foremost exponent of the Northumbrian pipes ( Sting, Penguin Cafe Orchestra, The Chieftains) whilst fiddle player extraordinaire Roger WIlson also plays on the album. Forge & Flagon will be released in June just in time for this summer’s festival season, that will once more see the band whipping crowds into a frenzied fervour up and down the country, across Europe and America, nay the whole world.

The AA Single: Plough & Orion//If The Gaff Don’t Let Us Down is released on 9th April through Sunday Best Recordings. There will be a vinyl release of the AA single for Record Store Day.

Skinny Lister’s album: Forge & Flagon will be available in your friendly record store and online this summer.

Skinny Lister sign to Sunday Best

Us Skinnies are very excited and proud to announce that we are now part of Rob Da Bank’s magnificent Sunday Best label! It’s going to be an exciting year filled with more rum, dancing and no doubt festivals! Skinny’s debut album will follow the label’s recent releases by Kitty, Daisy and Lewis, David Lynch and The Cure. Long live the good ship Skinny and all who sail with her! Haul!

Meet the family here…

** Northumbrian Pipes Escapade **

Believe it or not us Skinnies are incredibly busy behind the scenes putting together our first album. Yesterday me, Dan and Tash were up in Northumbria to visit and record Kathryn Tickell, the wonderful Northumbrian Piper. After the long haul up the A1 on Sunday night we met up with Tash’s ma and pa again for a good hearty casserole and a good ole listen to musics of the North East that Tash’s Dad’s Mate had put together. Ahh it’s good to be back up North again.

Following a couple of pints and a good nights kip we were up early to set off to Kathryn’s house on the edge of the Northumberland National Park. The sun was rising over the spectacular scenery as we crossed o’er moorland with our adhoc mobile recording studio in the back of the Skinnymobile. Upon arrival we were warmly welcomed by Kathryn and her gigantic pet dog who pretty much bowled me over upon opening the door!

After putting up our ramshackle recording equipment in the equally quirky Mill House we got down to a cracking recording session. Wow them pipes dem have a life of their own, gurgling and wheezing, as Kathryn pushes out beautiful evocative tones into the stone walled upstairs room for the microphones to capture and your ears to appreciate soon. An exciting and productive day all in all as we pack up and set off on the 8 hour journey back to London town where we fight some computers for a bit as they transfer the precious data we’ve captured. Here’s a clip of some Northumbrian scenes with Kathryn playin a few tunes….

Look forward to sharing our album with you all later this year.



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