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Green17 Tour – Grand Rapids

Wow! Two days off recovering from Germany and getting ready to support Flogging Molly on their Green 17 Tour of the states makes time pass quickly. A little too quickly perhaps!


The rush is eased as we’re upgraded on the plane over…skinny goes posh! We’re a little too excited to be supporting the Molly to sleep but we give it a good try for 7 hours. On arrival we sort all our stuff out and look forward to being reunited with our friends from Warped Tour, firstly, and very importantly, Mr Rosco Wuestewald from Onward etc. who has agreed to help us on the road and sort all our dishevellment and secondly, The Bang Ups who kindly offered us a floor to sleep on. As it turns out as we make our way from Chicago to Grand Rapids…we hit an almighty blizzard. There are trucks frequently spotted off road with hazards on…slipping and a sliding all over the shop. Eek. We take it slowly meaning that our arrival time changes from midnight to 3am. Wow. We then cram in a couple of hours sleep before getting up at 6am and make our way over to Fox 17 studios for an early morning interview. It turns out the news story before us is about a couple of guys suing subway because their ‘Foot Long’ sandwich fell short by an inch. Then there is a long discussion about whether an inch matters. I love a bit of sexual innuendo talk at breakfast time! A great bunch of people. Thanks for looking after us!

We’re now picking up the bits and pieces we need from a superstore. Mule has just returned from the mall saying he lost the others in all the miles of floor space.

Bang Ups Gaff

We’re very excited about tonight’s show at Orbit Rooms. Can’t wait to get one under our belt!

Lorna x

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