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SXSW 2013 schedule

Here’s our list of shows for SxSW this week –

SXSW Schedule 2013

Sunday – British Music Embassy, Latitude 30, 512 Jacinto, 78701 – 8.00pm
Tuesday – Music Saves Lives, The Firehouse Lounge, 605 Brazos St, 78701 – 10pm
Wednesday – Macy’s Rag Show, Barton Creek Mall, 2901 Capitol of Texas Highway, 78746 – 1pm
Wednesday – Hyatt Regency Hotel, On the Lake, 2nd Play Stage – 7pm
Thursday – Omni Hotel 2nd Play Stage, 700 Jacinto Blvd – 6pm
Friday – Official Showcase – Meduse Lounge, 219 Congress Avenue, 78701 – 11pm
Saturday – BD Rileys, St Patricks Day Warm Up, 204 E 6th St, 78701 – 3pm

Green 17: The last hurrah!

In Nashville we stay with two lovely girls. We head downtown to Broadway to see music before the gig which is in a massive warehouse. It was fun. We had video games in the changing rooms. The boys shoot stuff whilst I drink rum.

Max shoots

Next up is New Orleans. Yep! New Orleans! Too excited. We pull into what looks like the coolest town ever…people playing music all over the streets and GOOD music too. Wow! Bourbon street is crazy but wow must not forget we have a gig! The town is ready to party and that’s what we intend to do!

New Orleans

Then the last two days take us to Texas. Now these really do have to be HUGE party nights. Mosh pits, crowd surfing and drinking are essential.


Not too sure what happened in Dallas. Surprisingly, Dan has a memory of drinking an Irish Car Bomb. The wonderful Dave Hause gave me, dan and my hand luggage a lift to the hotel…against his will apparently.

Lift please

Houston. Last night. All feel a little ropey, but hell – if we don’t take it tonight we’ll regret it! The gig is great as predicted. As I start crowd surfing Rosco dives off the stage and over the barriers. Amazing. I want to do that! Later in Floggings set I ask Dave to sort out a diving board and get my swimming costume and hat on…off I go…woooooaaaahhhh!

Later there’s more drinks had in the bar and on the bus. Let’s make sure we do all this again folks!

Lorna on Flogging Molly's Bus

A Massive Thank you to Flogging Molly! For having us on the bus, on the stage and on the tour! It has been incredible sharing your crowds with you, opening up for you and drinking with you! Cheers!

Lorna and the boys xxx

Home time

Home Time!

Green17: Florida sun and fun!

A long drive ends with an amazing greeting from our hosts Mike and Tiff in Mims. A BBQ is stoked up and shots of rum are lined up almost the minute we step out of the van…more beer and lots of friendly faces. Mike makes up amazing hot dogs, steak and chicken. We return the favour by getting out the instruments. Ryan joins us on the cooler too. More beer, more shots. Cats in hats. Drunkenness.


The next day we head over to Mike’s tattoo parlour where I have a hoax tattoo job, we check out our new mate Rob’s record store before he kindly takes us to the beach. YES! THE BEACH! We drive through alligator swamps and pull in. Amazing. There’s reports from some (no names) that it’s too cold but I don’t give a damn…straight in and it’s warm. Lovely! The waves are pretty big but it’s so cool. This is amazing…shame it has to end but we have sound check to get to.


The gig is actually located in Disneyworld! I don’t get a chance to take a stroll but the lads have a quick look about. Never thought I’d make it here. Florida! Warmth. Loving it! Our friends join us for more rum drinking then we’re on. Mike plays bass on New Cross Girls and Tiff joins me for a waltz on Seventeen Summers…great fun! And Michael’s uncle has come too great to meet you Henry!


Next stop is Miami for a quick TV performance on NBC 6 In the mix. Great people, cocktails from Cricket and some Renaissance characters mixed in to boot! We have an amazing Cuban breakfast afterwards and then head to our next hotel to get a couple of hours sleep before the gig.

View more videos at:

What a gig. I was pretty amazed by the response, there’s a proper mosh going on. I can’t believe Michael rises from the mosh with his bass. He does though and the show goes off. Great fun! I proceed to get drunk with Dave Hause at the merch shop. He draws a picture of me to pass the time…I added a bit.


All fun. Now we’re on our way to Nashville. Only a 12 hour drive!

Lorna xx

Green17: Myrtle Beach and Atlanta

We wake up feeling like rotten eggs, eggs that have been rotten for some time. Michael feels so rotten that he is actually at the hospital with acute bronchitis. Most miss breakfast and we have a 5 hour drive to Myrtle Beach.

Our new friend Dave Hause is picked up and off we go…one light relief is that the House of Blues in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina has an Alligator park right next door so I get to check out the jurassic creatures before the gig.

Alligator Park

The gig goes off though and we all have fun over pints of rum again…merch tables are turned over and I wrestle Dave into a sink and pour water all over him…oops! Time to be taken home..not such a bad hangover the next day surprisingly!

Myrtle Beach

I have a good feeling about Atlanta…and it was confirmed as almost the whole places is moving and surfing. It almost feels like they’re here to see just us…don’t worry – we know they’re there to see the almighty Flogging Molly but its nice to think it when you’re jumping around in front of them! Oh and I swear someone tried to take off my pants when I went surfing! Naughty! That reminds me – the guy in the kilt who flashed me – I admire your bravery but why not try it in New York sometime soon huh?!


Florida tomorrow…along way but there’s a BBQ lined up…I only hope I am awake enough to enjoy!!

Lorna x

Green17: Silver Spring, Richmond and Charlotte

After the craziness of New York we hit the road again. It’s a big day today as we’re driving to Richmond straight after the gig….and what a great gig it was! My favourite part of the evening has to be when Dan presented me with an engraved hip flask! A thank you present as he’d seen us in Boston with his sister and had a great time. Thank YOU Dan! I love it! Thanks to those who drove 9 hours to see us too!

Silver Spring!

After the gig we all pile into the van and head off to our hotel in Richmond. After arriving at 4am we’re up again to say ‘Good Morning Virginia’. More sexual innuendos behind the camera. We have a great breakfast then straight to the hotel via a music shop. Sleep for a few more hours then off to the gig we go!

The Skinny Shop is on a balcony on this night which is a worry but thanks to all you kind people who came to see us up there! Thank you for your support!

Next we’re on our way to Charlotte. Our good friend Mike has booked us hotel rooms. Thank you Mike! He also brought his 3D guitar which he’d had printed! Mule says it’s the future.

Crowd Surfing

We grab a bite to eat before gig at Matties Diner which is a proper old style American Diner. Amazing place! A juke box at every table and milkshakes thick enough to block even the widest of arteries in a single sip!


The gig goes off. We sell out of CDs, I sell my dress, we drink Nathan from Flogging Molly’s pickle drink, mosh in the pit and other ridiculous drunken antics. Fun fun fun!

Lorna x


Green17: New York

Arriving into New York is one of the most exciting feelings I’ve had yet. Am I going to love it or hate it! As we drive through town I see all the yellow cabs, tall buildings and steam pouring out of the roads. Love it!

Our first port of call is a Balcony TV recording session. Even leaving the car into the reception has me in freezing agony do you can imagine how we felt on the roof top waiting for everything to be in place. That’s right freezing cold! The view is amazing though and it’s such a pleasure to meet the Golightly Press crew and Jamie from SideOneDummy that we brush off the coldness and knock out Rollin Over. Very quickly!

Balcony TV

Next we head over to the venue after picking up keys to our apartment. We’re very excited to play the Roseland Ballroom. An amazing venue. I have to say though, I am at least a little nervous. So many pals and supporters back stage. I only hope tonight is as much fun as the rest. The Flagon soothes the nerves, the sound is great and before I know it, the bass drum and bass are crowd surfing. All is great fun! Here’s to party George for letting us perform Forty Pound Wedding!

Pic by Forrest Woodward -

Pic by Forest Woodward –

After the show I am excited to see an old school friend Liam. We and the rest of the gang proceed to get pretty drunk back stage before selling more merch. A good party for sure.

New York New York!

Camino and Rosco go AWOL for the next 24 hours. We see them again on Monday morning for press red and bleary eyed. There’s many a story to tell but too long for here! In the meantime you can check out what our new and dear friend Rosco does when he’s not crowd surfing to Seventeen Summers!

Lorna x

Onward, Etc. from gnarly bay productions, Inc. on Vimeo.

Green 17 – Philadelphia & Boston

We drive 9 long hours through heavy wind and rain. Madness! But as we pull into Philadelphia the rain stops and we have a warm welcome at the lovely Maura’s house. We treat ourselves to a Philly Cheese Steak…wow…and then watch a documentary about Sonic Youth and Nivana before sleep.

In the morning we have an AMAZING brunch at Sabrina’s, I get my haircut then off to the venue. Another amazing gig pursues – there’s bass crowd surfing…AMAZING again! After the gig we hang out with Maura and her friends while they sing beautiful harmonies, The fabulous Eva our booking agent buys us beer and then we have a few tunes with the Flogging Molly crew before sourcing a whiskey bar. Busy fun day.


Next day is Boston. We drive past New York. Exciting but first it’s Boston! Well actually first it’s Somerville (whoops sorry for the scenic route fellas) where we do a quick filming of Rollin and Colours before rising to sound check. We then have an interview the Raynham Channel just before we get on stage…we’re pretty exhausted but as soon as we step in front of the amazing crowd all is forgotten and we play out hearts out…drums and bass players crowd surf. I wait until the Flogging Molly set…fun…that is until I get handed over the bars case at the front and a bouncer threatens to chuck me out in the snow!!! Don’t you know who I am?! Ha!

Lorna x

Crowd surfing bass player...

New York tomorrow…CANNOT WAIT! First time for me!

Green 17 – Cleveland

For the first time in the last month or so we get to sleep in the same bed twice. Result! Better make it a good’un then. We book ourselves into the hotel opposite the House of Blues. Two plush rooms with 4 comfy beds. No hot tub unfortunately but I can’t complain.

Michael and Rosco decide to join Nathan from Flogging Molly for dinner at the Green House Tavern whilst the rest of us get a bite quickly and jump into the nice big white comfy beds! They eat everything on the menu and report that it was one of the best dinners they ever had.

Rosco pigs out

I have pigs tongue and wings for breakfast and you know what, I think I quite like tongue!

Next day we had two TV things to do so we’re up early and go do our stuff then head straight to the venue for sound check. I do my usual workout at this time and have a beer.


Theres fun as Rosco stands on the barricades to play drums, Michael waltzes in the crowd and I pass the Flagon around. The crowd goes absolutely crazy for Flogging then we all go to an Irish pub to play some tunes and drink more. I didn’t expect to be drinking straight tequilas, be offered a foursome, dance on tables or chip a tooth but all happened!


Surprisingly I didn’t feel too bad waking up. Fortunately it’s a day ‘off’ or rather a whole day travelling to philadelphia to see our old friend Maura Anne.

Pic courtesy of @RyanNichole, ta!

Still in the car after 8hours with another 2 hours to go. It has rained the whole way. We have been bored, hence, listening to self help audio books on how to kiss goodbye to your comfort zone.

Green 17 – Cincinnati

First thing we need after waking up late from our nice comfy hotel bed is breakfast. We don’t have lots of time so it’s a drive thru MacDonalds. Yum. Though Dan turns what should be an easy job into a right shambles. First off he misses the box you make your order into so then proceeds to try and shout to it. Doesn’t work. After a very dodgy attempt to reverse truck and trail or we decide to drive around again. Again he nearly misses the ordering box but is closer this time so is able to speak to the attendant. He has no idea how to do this. He says ‘hash browns for all of us please’ to which the attendant can only ask ‘how many are there?’ anyway, here’s a short video of the event. We said at the time it would be a miracle if we got what we wanted and low and behold that miracle didn’t happen. I pretty much went without. Never mind!

The gig was preceded by dinner at an all American style diner and a very rushed sound check. Another fun gig though and a fun night on the Skinny Shop. Thanks for the shots everyone. We attempted an after party only to be quite disappointed when we didn’t find one. Once we arrived at Aaron and Alex’s pad (the latter being the trumpet player of The band Foxy Shazam) we are grateful and fall asleep pretty much straight away. Thank you for your hospitality folks! Dizzy the dog you stole our hearts – esp Rosco’s!

Now we have a well deserved day off. It’s another busy one tomorrow so time to REST!

Green 17 – Chicago

So, we arrive at Aragon Ballroom. A MASSIVE venue. Sound check is scary as the music swirls around. Fingers crossed it changes when there’s a few thousand bodies in there! Dinner is a treat today…In house catering and I get some delicious fish.

The Aragon drinks to Party George

There’s beers and rum in the green room so we’re ready to crack on. Dave Hause is up first and you can hear the crowd getting excited…before I knew it it was our turn. The venue is packed. The sound is great…our good friend Rosco joins us with his marching drum for Seventeen Summers and both him and Michael take their instruments into the crowd. There’s a circle pit to my left, then one to the right. As I sing Forty Pound Wedding (after another amazing toast to the artist Party George) I think I’d rather be in the crowd…surfing over the people’s heads…Loadsa fun! Sorry to the girl I think I caught with my heel!

Rosco gets amongst it

An amazing gig! Chicago…we liked you the first time we played with you but now, well we love you!

Lorna crowd surfs

After the gig us Skinnies went on drinking with our wonderful host Lauren Millar. They’re feeling it now! Thanks for the drinks and bed Lauren!

Next stop Cinncinati!

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