Forty Pound Wedding Tour Commences!

Very excited to get back on the road, back on British soil! It’s been a while. Since last time, we have said a sad goodbye to bass man Dan Gray and a big hello to Mr Michael Camino – all the way from…Hawaii, USA! We have spent the last week or so acclimatising him to the British weather and food and now it’s time to introduce his rockabilly bass slapping style to the Skinny fans.

Michael Hell Camino

As we truck on up North for the first gig in Bury, the Land Rover reaches the top of a hill and then a rather panicked Dan says ‘the clutch is stuck’…we put it into neutral and roll down the hill straight into a garage! Fortunately we have another vehicle to borrow but sadly we leave our ‘not so trusty’ Land Rover in the yard and set off up North. The Met is the first to host us at their Homegrown Festival. It’s a great start to the tour – and people enjoyed themselves, selling lots of albums and some of the new T-shirts. Also visited by an old friend – Paul Scanlon! It’s been a long time!

The Met

Next up is Telford’s Warehouse in Chester. Not a town we’ve ever been to before so have no idea what to expect…fortunately it turns out that we have a great crowd and everyone is up for a great time. There’s dancing, rum drinking (albeit from a very small flagon due to our normal vessel being left behind – no names mentioned!) [your fault Lorna… – Mule] and I have a good dance afterwards to loads of great music before the lads drag me off…oh yeah and Leanne – wherever you are…you have the flagon and you owe me!!!

Telfords Warehouse

Tonight we’re making our way up to Newcastle…will be great to see cousin Ben Church and other old friends! See you tonight Cluny 2!

Dead Landy


  1. Landlady of the Forge and Flagon says:

    Would you like us to bring the Forge and Flagon’s Flagon to Musicians with us

  2. alison monk says:

    Hi, glad you are back in UK and doing a tour, are you coming close to birmingham soon as my husband and myself can’t wait to see you.

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