Getting our kicks on Route 66!

There’s been a hell of a lot of driving which has sent us insane some days…we’ve done a hell of a lot of laughing, seen landscapes change from brilliant white to muted browns and saw migrating birds fill the sky above us, thousands of them clustered together as far as the eye could see. Amazing!

St. Louis is our next stop. Mary Terese, brought us some homemade lasagne, with an extra special pudding. The show was great fun!

Next up is Springfield and its party night as we’re all very excited to be reunited with the Party Wolf, Rosco from Onward etc. uh oh!!!! We meet him early afternoon when he’s already laying out shots of fireball to accompany the delicious pizza John and Bri have for us!

rosco reunion

The venue has a great vibe and the night is fun! We hang out with the fellas from Lucero backstage drinking moonshine and discussing tattoos.

lucero tattoo

After that we head back to John and Bri’s pizza parlour for cocktails and everyone gets stuck into making their own pizza. Great fun and as usual I end the night on the table….Wooooo- whoooo!

pappos crew

lorna on table

Next day we take the Route 66 all the way to Oklahoma, where we enjoy our night off watching Marathon Man (eeeeek) and enjoying Mary’s lasagne and desert!


The venue in Oklahoma is in the middle of what can only be described as a car park. It’s the kind of place you would only find in the US. There’s neon lights everywhere advertising beer and all the staff are great too. Chipotle backstage means we’re soon full. Just enough time to neck a few cans and get on stage. The room looks pretty full and yep, it’s another great show!

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  1. Chris Luxford says:

    Maybe you should do a Route 66 Tour some time, playing a gig in all the towns and cities mentioned in the song.

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