Green 17 – Chicago

So, we arrive at Aragon Ballroom. A MASSIVE venue. Sound check is scary as the music swirls around. Fingers crossed it changes when there’s a few thousand bodies in there! Dinner is a treat today…In house catering and I get some delicious fish.

The Aragon drinks to Party George

There’s beers and rum in the green room so we’re ready to crack on. Dave Hause is up first and you can hear the crowd getting excited…before I knew it it was our turn. The venue is packed. The sound is great…our good friend Rosco joins us with his marching drum for Seventeen Summers and both him and Michael take their instruments into the crowd. There’s a circle pit to my left, then one to the right. As I sing Forty Pound Wedding (after another amazing toast to the artist Party George) I think I’d rather be in the crowd…surfing over the people’s heads…Loadsa fun! Sorry to the girl I think I caught with my heel!

Rosco gets amongst it

An amazing gig! Chicago…we liked you the first time we played with you but now, well we love you!

Lorna crowd surfs

After the gig us Skinnies went on drinking with our wonderful host Lauren Millar. They’re feeling it now! Thanks for the drinks and bed Lauren!

Next stop Cinncinati!


  1. Tom says:

    Glad to hear your having a ‘ball’ over there guys! But really want you back in Blighty.
    Just wanted to add thanks for the shirt too, hope you come to the north west again soon!

  2. Mercy says:

    I was somewhere near the front and got
    to dance and twirl with ya! You guys were fucking brilliant! I enjoyed every part of this concert. I hope you guys come back to Chicago, I’d be back with bells on my shoes and rum in my tummy, in a heart beat! Love love love your way!

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