Green17: Florida sun and fun!

A long drive ends with an amazing greeting from our hosts Mike and Tiff in Mims. A BBQ is stoked up and shots of rum are lined up almost the minute we step out of the van…more beer and lots of friendly faces. Mike makes up amazing hot dogs, steak and chicken. We return the favour by getting out the instruments. Ryan joins us on the cooler too. More beer, more shots. Cats in hats. Drunkenness.


The next day we head over to Mike’s tattoo parlour where I have a hoax tattoo job, we check out our new mate Rob’s record store before he kindly takes us to the beach. YES! THE BEACH! We drive through alligator swamps and pull in. Amazing. There’s reports from some (no names) that it’s too cold but I don’t give a damn…straight in and it’s warm. Lovely! The waves are pretty big but it’s so cool. This is amazing…shame it has to end but we have sound check to get to.


The gig is actually located in Disneyworld! I don’t get a chance to take a stroll but the lads have a quick look about. Never thought I’d make it here. Florida! Warmth. Loving it! Our friends join us for more rum drinking then we’re on. Mike plays bass on New Cross Girls and Tiff joins me for a waltz on Seventeen Summers…great fun! And Michael’s uncle has come too great to meet you Henry!


Next stop is Miami for a quick TV performance on NBC 6 In the mix. Great people, cocktails from Cricket and some Renaissance characters mixed in to boot! We have an amazing Cuban breakfast afterwards and then head to our next hotel to get a couple of hours sleep before the gig.

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What a gig. I was pretty amazed by the response, there’s a proper mosh going on. I can’t believe Michael rises from the mosh with his bass. He does though and the show goes off. Great fun! I proceed to get drunk with Dave Hause at the merch shop. He draws a picture of me to pass the time…I added a bit.


All fun. Now we’re on our way to Nashville. Only a 12 hour drive!

Lorna xx


  1. Jamie says:

    My boyfriend and I were lucky enough to meet you at your booth at last year’s Warped Tour. When we saw that you were opening for Flogging Molly we HAD to come see the show. And what a show! You guys were amazing last night in Fort Lauderdale!
    Keep rockin’!

  2. Crash says:

    Caught your set at Revolution on Tuesday night, you all were fantastic! A breath of fresh air…you guys have soul…

  3. belinda wise says:

    sounds great xxx having a wonderful time, you deserve it…bless you all , you make people so HAPPY…inc me xxx cant wait to see you..oh what was the tattoo of ????

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