Green17: Myrtle Beach and Atlanta

We wake up feeling like rotten eggs, eggs that have been rotten for some time. Michael feels so rotten that he is actually at the hospital with acute bronchitis. Most miss breakfast and we have a 5 hour drive to Myrtle Beach.

Our new friend Dave Hause is picked up and off we go…one light relief is that the House of Blues in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina has an Alligator park right next door so I get to check out the jurassic creatures before the gig.

Alligator Park

The gig goes off though and we all have fun over pints of rum again…merch tables are turned over and I wrestle Dave into a sink and pour water all over him…oops! Time to be taken home..not such a bad hangover the next day surprisingly!

Myrtle Beach

I have a good feeling about Atlanta…and it was confirmed as almost the whole places is moving and surfing. It almost feels like they’re here to see just us…don’t worry – we know they’re there to see the almighty Flogging Molly but its nice to think it when you’re jumping around in front of them! Oh and I swear someone tried to take off my pants when I went surfing! Naughty! That reminds me – the guy in the kilt who flashed me – I admire your bravery but why not try it in New York sometime soon huh?!


Florida tomorrow…along way but there’s a BBQ lined up…I only hope I am awake enough to enjoy!!

Lorna x


  1. Amber says:

    You guys were awesome in Myrtle Beach. Hope everyone feels better! My friend and I checked out the gator park the following day, and it was pretty cool. I’ll definitely go to see any shows you put on in my area from now on. We had a blast and hope that you did too!

  2. Helen Gunton says:

    I saw you in Charlotte and followed along to Myrtle Beach—playing the CD most of the way!! I am so in love with you guys now! Thanks for the awesome memories—let’s keep those tunes coming! About to download my CD to the MP3 player now so I can listen at work!

  3. Dawayne says:

    LOL!! That was me Lorna…its too cold in New York for me, might make me look bad…or worse. We really loved your show and have been playing the cd non stop. New fans for sure, cant wait to see you in our area again on next tour.

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