As we make our way to Haldern we reminisce about our experiences there in the summer. What an amazing time it was too! A great festival with dangerous amounts of alcohol, stories in the papers about Mule’s escape in an ambulance when trying to make a plane. The gigs were stupendous too…we’re nervous. What if it’s not as fun as before…

Haldern B&B

As we arrive at a very cool little B&B we set ourselves up for a quiet night. Haldern is only a small town. We tell ourselves that there won’t be many there. We enjoy the deer and a pre gig beer.

When we return to the venue Haldern Pop Bar, it’s heaving. People have come from as far as the UK to see us! Wow. We’re excited. So excited that Mule and Dan have a little warm up dance Poppins style after we all neck some more beer.

And it’s onto the stage we go…everyone is singing and swaying. The Flagon is refilled three times, there’s injuries caused –


and people outside! Our new mate Jim also joins us on stage to play snare on Forty Pound Wedding. So sorry that we couldn’t get more in…I hope the Flagon kept you warm….xxx

Afterwards we drink poptails and I think I manage to kiss everyone there. An amazing night and oh yes, I vaguely remember crowd surfing to the bar!

Excellent. Haldern we LOVE you and Hamburg here we come!


  1. belinda wise says:

    Cant wait to experience you again…skinny, the best band, for a long time, happiness in the talents of skinny, is so enjoyable…a definite yes for 2013, so proud of you skinny lister, you make my heart smile xxxxxxx

  2. Loony Jim says:

    Hello my dear friends,
    thank you for two fantastic evenings. Your performances in Cologne and Haldern were great. We had a lot of fun and a lot of booze. It has made ​​me very happy to know you, and it was a great honor and an even greater joy for me playing snaredrum on stage with you. “Fourty Pound Wedding” is now one of my alltime favourit songs. I’ll keep this song in my heart forever. I hope the show in Hamburg was as successful as the previous two. I wish you all the best, good luck and have fun tonight in Berlin.
    See you soon, we remain in contact
    Let’s get wasted !!!
    Your friend and fan
    Loony Jim

  3. Loony Jim says:

    Howdy Dan,
    here some informations about the Boothill Foot Tappers – a British folk/skiffle/bluegrass band, that was formed in the early 1980s and associated with the folk music revival in the UK. They were featured in Ben Elton presented, London Weekend Television, show in 1984, as the head of a pack featuring The Pogues and The Shillelagh Sisters, of the then emerging British roots movement based in London.
    On 28 January 2011, the band reunited, without the now deceased Kevin Walsh, for a performance at the London venue, the 100 Club.

    Now hear this – the Crowns from Launceston, Cornwall, formed in 2010. They are a folk punk band consists of lead singer and guitarist Bill Jefferson, bass player Jake Butler, mandolinist Jack Speckleton and drummer Nathan Haynes.

    One last word – sometimes your sound reminds me of the good old Tenpole Tudors
    have a look: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNJbJAjM5Ho

    Cheers & Beers
    Loony Jim

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