Ouch. Sore heads all round after an amazing night back at Haldern. Is it possible to do another show???! Back on the Reeperbahn we reminisce about our last visit…everyone told us to play the Molotov last time and now we’re here doing it. It’s a cool venue but we’re a little scared as its an early show for a friday night…


We head over to the band apartment to see if we can sleep our hangovers off..but not with much luck! Music is pumping and I’m cold! Germany is SO cold!!!

Skinny flat

I don’t have time to finish dinner before getting ready so leave it on the side ready for after the show..
The show. The room starts to fill up and as ever it’s great to meet up with the guys from PIAS. As we start it’s clear it’s going to be fun. People start singing and bobbing around from the offset. There’s even a circle jig thing going on. Excellent…I’ll get in the middle of that!

Molotow Crowd

Thanks to everyone who came down and supported us plus those Mexicana shots were delicious. Perhaps I had too many of them as I have no recollection of getting home, and wake up in my dress. Whoops! One more show in Berlin tonight and then we’ll be saying aufwiedersehn pet to Germany. Feeling a little sad but surely we’ll be back soon! To make myself feel better I treat myself to some nice new boots! Yay!

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  1. Andrew 'Skatz' Scattergood says:

    Really glad it’s going so well for you guys. Long may it continue. Just bought your deluxe album on Amazon, it’s awesome.
    When we move to Ireland in the summer, there’ll always be a place for you to stay. And play too, I’m sure that can be organised.
    See you soon at The Forge hopefully

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