1. Mark Gough says:

    Our boys, Digby and Oscar (five and two), spent the afternoon sailing paper boats and dancing polkas to Skinny Lister at the National Maritime Museum. Great fun and we sang songs and could not stop dancing all the way home.

  2. Ash Perrin says:

    HI guys, first loving the whole vibe. Bloody lovely it is. A friend of miine saw you in Dalston this weekend and past on your details to me. I’m writing to see about a possible gig! I run a chritably funded clown and circus troupe called the flying Seagull Project. We spend a large chunk of the year travelling around Romania and Cambodia running shows, and workshops for underpriveged kids and communities. We visit orphans, those with disability, the marginalised Roma gypsy communities,termianally ill, and anyone else who happens to be around! The shows are ol fashioned street style with trumpets/violins/magic and clowning, and then we also run workshops and music jams. This is something they never get, so its just brilliant fun, and proper noisy!
    We are entirely unpaid, and survive on the funds raised, and so the rest of the year (as well as working for our own wages), we dedaicate to fundraising. The main event each year is a one day music celebration and festiavl. THis is now the forth year we have put it on, and each one has improved on the last. Last year we sold out ‘Charlotte St Blues’ venue and featured (amoungst others) Romania’s most famous blues guitarist! The whole event is meant to be entertaining so we add loadsa fun bits n bobs into teh mis to keep it wonderfull. Frtune telling and stilt walkers are amoungst the fun.
    This year we have joined forces with Passing Clouds, and Baltic sonic in Dalston for the event. Its on August 6th and we would love it if you would consider playing. Its a real lovely vibe, and the regular crew are really up for it, so the event is always really fun. WE are a small unfunded charity so there isn’t much of a budget for anything, but transport and food etc we can cover. Its an Ethiopian kitchen cooked by a chef friend so should be tasty! Its a wicked venus and will almost certainly completely sell out, so it should be worth it.
    Anyway, i know its a busy time and i’m asking alot, but think on it, and if its possible GREAT.
    Thanks for your time, Ash (Seagull Ringleader!)

  3. Paul Browne says:


    I have a good group of close friends but if there are a gang of people I would like to meet and drink beer with it would be you lot. No question.

    I write songs and some of them are in your territory/genre. If you ever need some material I’d love to write for you. In the meantime I truly wish you all the very best. Your verve, vim and vigour deserve it.


    • mule says:

      Thanks for the message! Come to a gig and lets get some beers in! Would love to hear your stuff if its similar, we write all our own material though so wouldn’t be looking to get help in. But thanks anyway. x

  4. heidi mobley says:

    Just wanted to say HI and thinaks again for signing my Cd and asking me to have my picture taken with you, after I asked to take YOUR pictures :-) I was the older 40ish gal with the crazy dragonlady shirt at First Niagara Warped Tour! If you’re ever in Ohio again, give us a call and come lift a pint! 740-926-1623 :-)

    Heading across the big pond Monday the 16th of July to see family and friends in Germany, have fun and here’s to the rest of your tour! You guys (and a Girl!) were great, thanks for letting me have some fun!