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  1. Gareth says:

    Hi guys, I was in The Enterprise last night when you invaded!! Great fun had by all. Thanks for the CD too!

  2. Roger Jones says:

    Hi Skinny Lister,
    Saw you at the Three Horseshoes, Winkwell, during your barge tour – Absolutely and totally magical!
    Are you publishing a DVD of the tour? I’d really like to buy one if you are.
    What a truly talented lot you are! Best I’ve heard in years (70 of them)
    Best Wishes
    (Come back this way some time)

    • mule says:

      Thanks for your kind words Roger! We may well do a DVD. It’s going to take a while to edit all the footage we took, but as soon as we have something ready I’ll drop you a line.


  3. Harry Rogers says:

    Hello there, I run the Live at The Hafod venue in Devil’s Bridge near Aberystwyth and was wondering if you would like a gig there next time you are in Wales, ring me on 07799476595 for a chat, cheers Harry

  4. Perry says:

    Hey Skinny Lister,

    watched you at camp bestival last night and you were the highlight of my weekend! i love you all! and i was the cheeky one who asked a security guard to see if i could get my skinny lister beer mat signed thank you signing it! love to you all!!

  5. Dan Badrick says:

    Hi Guys….need an Aussie in your ranks to help crank it up even further??? I can fiddle.

    Caught you at Bestival…..Fantastico!

    Lorna…are you married??

    Sigh :)

    • mule says:

      Thanks for the offer! Glad you enjoyed the gig, hope to see you around some time! Bring your fiddle and come play, we sometimes get other folks on stage to join in. And, Lorna isn’t married yet…

  6. Luke McGahan says:

    Hey guys,
    I was wondering when “rollin’ over” would be available to purchase, because I can’t get enough of this song, but am loathed to download it illegally!!

    Massive thanks, Luke x

    • mule says:

      Hi Luke,

      We’ll be making an announcement about the release date very soon. Not long now!



  7. Paula Fleckney says:

    Hi Skinnies, you were awesome at Festibelly. Quite a party eh? My daughter is 16 and a big fan and dances a lot like Lorna! Hope you’ll be there next year for us all. Thanks again for a great night. P.S. I’m 58 going on 20! xxx

  8. doug kopcke says:

    I said 22nd but i meant 30th


  9. doug says:

    hey guys

    was really looking forward to seeing you in aspen but when we driving over my dad had a aortic dissection and needed 10 hours of open heart surgery. hes off the ventilator and doing really well. I live in london so ill have to wait till your back i guess but enjoy your trip you crazy cats!


  10. Dave Cox says:

    Just found you guys on Youtube, and really like your take on folk (old Steeleye/Fairport/Pogues/Me they couldn’t hang fan)

    Any chance that you’ll be releasing a full album on CD?

  11. Chris Darby says:

    Hi guys,

    I’ve been intending to write this for a while though have been sidetracked by the general entropy of life it seems. Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your performance at Larmer Tree last summer. It really was one of the highlights for me and most pleasant discovery of the festival (as well as the local cider); the atmosphere was electric and uplifting (am very glad that the sodden quagmire outside forced us into that tent when we would probably have been at the main stage!) More than most you seem to carry the soul of these islands in your music, and was left much cheered after your set. Hope to see you again soon!

    Chris Darby

    • mule says:

      Thanks for the wonderful words Chris. Glad you enjoyed the show :) Hope to see you at another one soon. x

  12. Jorge says:

    Just saw you guys play at Warped in San Francisco, you were amazing! Hope you make it back to the Bay Area soon =).

  13. Kerry says:

    When can we expect an American release of “Forge & Flagon?” I saw that you were on Spotify here for a few days and I got to thoroughly enjoy the album, but then you disappeared and I can’t find you via American iTunes or Amazon either. It’s making me quite sad indeed.

    • mule says:

      We’re releasing the album over here in October, sorry its not available just yet, we do have an EP which we’re selling on the Warped tour, we’ll try and make that available on the shop over the next few days. :) Glad you’re liking the tunes.

  14. Liz says:

    Skinny Lister!

    I haven’t heard of yall until Warped Tour in San Antonio. Not many people were there to see you but the show you put on was AMAZING. Yall made my night and I’m definitly going to be seeing yall around!

  15. JuanCa says:

    Hope you remember me.
    Photos of you at San Diego are on my FBpage.

    Please give me a mail to send them to you in high resolution.

    Your dear mexican amigo (and photographer)

  16. Chris Voto says:

    So… saw you at the Warped Tour in Noblesville, Indiana and became an imediate fan but can’t seem to be able to locate any of your albums for sale. iTunes sends me to the UK iTunes store only to be told that my US iTunes account is not allowed to buy anything from the UK. And your website(unless I missed something) says that your all sold out…Can you help with some info? I especially love ‘Rollin’ Over’!

  17. Renita D says:

    Hey Skinny Lister!

    Saw you at Warped Tour in Toronto, Canada! You probably don’t remember me but I was the one pumping my fist in the air and dancing around, ha-ha. Anyway, I just wanted you to know that you have earned a new fan! I love your music, especially Polkas!

    Your new Canadian Fan,
    Renita D.

  18. Brent R says:

    Ok so I saw you guys at Warped Tour in VA Beach heard you play in line which was awesome, I got your cd which was AMAZING I do believe my new favorite song is colours. Sadly I did not get to see you guys play for you played at the same time as one of my fav bands Yellowcard and i’ve been wanting to see them for years. I do hope to see you guys play one of these days because I love your music and really hope your touring goes well ^.^

  19. Nathaniel says:

    I saw you guys at Warped in Charlotte, North Carolina. I instantly fell in love and bought you EP and a tank top. I’ve been listening to your CD all day. I was watching your videos and saw the Forge & Flagon sampler and I love all of the songs on there. Is there any way possible to get the CD in America? Itunes wont allow us to buy it :(

  20. Christoph says:

    Hi Skinny Lister! Saw you saturday at Halden Pop in „Haldern Pop Bar“. I must say, your gig was my personal highlight. With the fist tone, you get the audience and it seems, that „Haldern Pop Bar“ would exlplode. I am grateful, that i was in the right time at the right place, that i was one of the audience. Great concert. Powerful, electrifying, personally. I think, it is unrepeatable to see you in such a small, but personal location again in future. Thank you for this moment, dancing with Lorna ;-), thank you for signing the three cds. I hope i will see you again in Germany soon. Greetings from „Ruhrpott“ – Oberhausen.

  21. Andreas says:

    Dear Skinny Lister,

    THX for two great evenings in Germany (Münster and Düsseldorf)! Hopefully you´ll stand your tour (incl. your voices:-)) and find a lot of new friends!

    While planing “next party-time” with you I saw another gig in Münster, DE. Is that correct you will visit Münster this december (13.12.2013) again? … that would be a nice christmas present:-)

    Hear you soon,

  22. Christoph says:

    …and i see you again! Another great evening with Skinny Lister in Köln, Die Wohngemeinschaft! It was cooking hot there!, but a nice location. – Finally T-shirts. Bought directly three :-). – It was very nice to talk with you (Dan & Lorna) after the Show. Very sympathetic. These are the special moments, to see a special, particularly band in small locations, close to the audiance. These are moments which no one can take me. I think you are on the away face-up. I wish you much success, but i hope you are remaining “Skinny Lister”, remain as you are.

    Greetings from Oberhausen, Christoph (Svenja and Björn)

    P.S.: We are positively barmy. We will see you today again. We come with friends to Haldern Pop Bar. Björn must still play the snare drum ;-)

  23. Christoph says:

    Thank you for this fantastic two evenings! Driving back from Haldern to Oberhausen, playing loud, very loud Skinny Lister, sing along, bawl your songs, we are now a little sentimental. Because without Skinny Lister life makes no sense. ;-)

    Mule, Dan, Lorna, Skinny Lister we love you. I hope we see, we meet you again. Much success on your tour. Wish you all the best. Greetings from Oberhausen.

    Christoph (Svenja and i think from Björn alias loonyjim)

  24. Angelika says:

    Hi there,

    I saw you in Münster last Sunday and was very happy to have joined this great party! Wish you all the best for the US-Tour with Flogging Molly! Hope you will have a lot of fun (well, I’m sure, you will have :-)) and also hope to see you again in Münster (in December?)!


  25. James says:

    Hands Down, best opening act I have ever had the privilege to see, amazing stage presents! just saw you in Cleveland and loved it, keep up the great work and come back soon! -James

  26. David says:

    What an interesting band! What a fantastic feel to the songs, the videos and the website. I was directed to you by Alan the barge. (Thanks Alan)

    All the very best, David

  27. Cynthia T says:


    I saw you guys (and gal) open up for Flogging Molly and you all really know how to fire up a crowd! It was such an amazing performance and a very memorable one too, especially because it had been my first concert ever! I want to thank you for putting on such an incredible show and hope to see you all perform more often in NYC. It’s nice to hear new and fresh music become apart of the media and community. I’m such a big fan and look forward to your future events and tours!

    – Best of luck!

  28. Denise says:

    My husband and I saw you at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia with Flogging Molly and loved your music. Neither of us had heard you before but we really enjoyed it! Thanks for a great show and hope to see you through this way again!!

  29. colt says:

    Saw you guys in Silver Spring on Tuesday and can’t wait for the next show up this way. Hope to see you on Maryland’s eastern shore if possible- drinks are on me. Thanks for the music and memories-

  30. Matthew Connolly says:

    Hey guys,

    We saw you when you were in Atlanta at the Tabernacle. I had introduced Flogging Molly to my father some years ago. He had been taking care of my mother who passed away from Alzheimer’s in September of 2012. At night, he’d enjoy a glass of wine and listen to them. Music helps him, like it does for all of us, so much when he’s down. He’s 83 years old and one of my bucket list items was to bring him to see FM. I have loved your CD and was looking forward to you but my father wasn’t as familiar with you. During your set, he was as happy and excited as he has not been in a long time. After the show, he couldn’t stop talking about your performance. FM put on a good show but you guys stole the show. All he keeps saying is how much he would love to you play again. I bought him a copy of your CD and I think he will wear it out. Please come back to Atlanta again.

  31. Kevin says:

    Saw you all perform at The Tabernacle last weekend. Although it was a Flogging Molly show and they’re great performers, you definitely were stealing a fair amount of their thunder that evening. Your live stage presence was awesome and your musical skills were something really amazing. As soon as you stepped off the stage, I was on my iPhone buying all your music off of iTunes.

    Funny enough, my pregnant wife who couldn’t make the show due to said condition, wanted to hear your music (as I kept talking about it). My daughter (who we’re expecting in May) was really active and my wife wasn’t able to sleep. We ended up playing “Bonnie Away” off of and she quickly stopped kicking her Mom and was listening intently to Lorna’s singing. Seems my daughter has great tastes in music already. ;-)

    Looking forward to you all visiting Atlanta again. If you do, I’ll be sure to grab the wife and come out to the show.

    • mule says:

      Thanks so much for the comment! Hopefully we’ll be back in Atlanta before the end of the year. Glad the rest of the family is enjoying a bit of Skinny! :)

  32. Karen says:

    My husband likes to sing along to the music that he likes and it is just killing him that he can’t find the lyrics to Colours. Where can we find the lyrics?

    • mule says:

      We’ll try and get those lyrics up at some point soon. Keep an eye on the lyrics tab at :)

  33. Vítek says:

    Hey guys, what about Czech Republic? Have you ever been thinkig about concert there? :))) V

  34. Jason says:

    You guys made an instant fan out of me after seeing you with Flogging Molly in Richmond. I bought your album, and it’s been the only (literally, the ONLY) thing that’s been playing in my car since I got it a month ago. I’ve memorized all your lyrics (almost), and nothing starts my day better than rolling down the window, cranking up the volume, and belting out the best tone deaf rendition I can do of your songs. My neighbors must think I’m nuts.

    I do tech calls all over Richmond, your album gets played on the drive over, and during a call on site, if I can get the volume down low enough.

  35. Christoph says:

    I totally freak out!!!

  36. Christoph says:

    Skinny Lister come to Oberhausen!

  37. Christoph says:

    Do i only dream this? I don’t hope so. That is unbelievable! I will activate all friends and known to fill this location.

    Lorna, Dan, you remember us? We met in Cologne and Haldern Pop Bar! (Björn played the snare drum) And it is really incredible that we will see us again in Oberhausen!

    Let’s get wasted!

    Greetings form Oberhausen
    Christoph (And don’t forget the flagon;-))

  38. Christoph says:

    Thank you for this great evening in my Hometown! All my friends and myself (i see you now for the fourth time) enjoyed your gig with great pleasure (again)! And i think you have now a lot of fans more. Also today, i can’t believe, that you have played in Oberhausen. I hope we will see us again (gladly in Oberhausen). I can’t get enough of my favorite band: Skinny Lister

    Greatings from the “Skinny Lister Working Crew Ruhrpott”

    P.S.: Normally we would come to Duisburg, to see you again. But we are invited on a wedding. But maybe…;-)

  39. Mairi says:

    Hi guys,
    I love your music- can almost taste summer in alot of it!!
    Don’t suppose you are playingat Barn on the Farm festival this summer along with other great folky musical talent???? Would LOVE IT if you were!

  40. Daniel says:

    I got to see you guys perform at House of Blues Orlando the year before last. I got an awesome picture with Lorna and eventually introduced your music to my soon to be fiancee. Our wedding song that she came out to was Plough and Orion and it was the most beautiful moment I’ve had with her yet. I still have nightmares from Afghanistan and every time I wake up I realize she is who I really do rely on… Now every time I hear the song I see her face that moment in her wedding dress and it fills me with happiness. So Thank you deeply and sincerely for such a wonderful song. We anticipate your next trip to the US so I can introduce my little oxford born wife to you <3

  41. Maddie Seubert says:

    Hey guys!

    I fell in love with your music a few years back after one of my pals saw you at Warp Tour. Gotta say, you guys have a way of making any dreary day light and taste of summer! You lot just seem so down to earth (and gotta say, love that you party with the fans after gigs). My pals and I would love to see you cross the pond again sometime and play in our home state- Ohio. Despite being considered a “rural” state, we know how to hold our liquor and party ;)

  42. Gareth Roberts says:

    hey all,

    just a quick question, i am make a video for youtube (not for profit, just because i like doing it) and id like to use one of your tracks. obviously id credit it and alike.
    something like the one in the link, but a little more.
    please contact me by email for more detail if you need it.
    and obviously, you would be first to know when its done

  43. Ratty says:

    Can’t wait to see you this weekend at Castlewood – any chance of a shout out in the evening for Ellie, my daughter, who will be celebrating her 12th birthday!!