Lorna’s weekend report

Ahoy there dear Skinny friends. What a weekend we had down in the land of smugglers! The Ship Inn, Dymchurch, welcomed us with open arms as usual. We very much enjoyed the crazy dancing (and not just by myself), broken tankards and haggling at the Skinny Shop – so sorry we didn’t sell the anchor to the gentleman who’d travelled 100 miles to see us but we just couldn’t part with such a gem for that amount!! If you change your mind though…keep an eye out for our Skinny Shop on the website where the items will soon be displayed and available to purchase…

Anyway, many songs, shanties and swigging later I vaguely remember the crowd slowly dispersing and Skinnies making our way upstairs to a comfy bed for a lovely night’s sleep before our trip to Hastings for yet another round of skinny shenanigans. Ooof…heads were sore and hands were shaky when we awoke but we had love in our hearts and food in our bellies so we left in high spirits, set for Mule’s home town – Hastings.

After a cold afternoon of shopping in the Old Town (where I got a lovely suitcase in which I plan to carry my skinny dresses on our forthcoming adventures), we started to set up in The Stag. As friends arrived, new and old, we started to feel the energy return to our poor old bodies ready for round two…woohoo…a busy pub, successful sales at the shop and lots of singing from band and crowd…we had a blast! Emotions were high when the beautiful Rob sang Bye-Bye My Roseanna in a rip-roaring shanty session, which followed the Skinny sets.

What a brilliant weekend! So lovely to catch up with you all again. And to wake up to snow. Beautiful end to a beautiful weekend with beautiful people. Thank you especially to Allan, Star and Elaine for being such great hosts. We WILL return – oh yes, we will!

Lorna x

PS… (From Mule) If anyone has any pics of the weekend, please post them on FB for us so I can insert into this post. I forgot to take any for some reason?!


  1. Alan Griffiths says:

    The Skinny Shop is minus one picture of a pub…..
    We will keep it under lock and key until you return.

    Cheers and many warm thanks for a wonderful evening

    Alan and Star – The Stag Inn – Hastings Old Town

  2. Landlady of the Forge and Flagon says:

    So great to see your blogs coming again, have missed you all and the tales of your adventures. are you over to the Forge and Flagon way over half term my lovelies x
    love your Landlady xxxxxx

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