On The Road – Forty Pound Wedding Tour

We make it to Newcastle in relative bliss. We have satnav, heating and the lads get to watch American Horror Story on Camino’s laptop. We arrive at The Cluny 2 all a little nervous. Without Dan Gray we’re unsure of how its going to go down but we’re looking forward to our support act Rob Heron and the Tea Pad Orchestra so our worries are somewhat alleviated. It’s a great set too.

Dan on the shop in NewCastle

There’s a nice crowd gathering which look to be up for a good time. We’re not disappointed either…lots of dancing and enjoying the flagon. Afterwards we’re hell bent on partying and find ourselves in a cheap pub, not one but three or four hours later we’re necking shots of whiskey and drinking pints…some girl wants to snog me and I’m arm wrestling (all fun as I recall)! Waking up early next morning with a terrible terrible head in the Travelodge I draw the curtains and see people at their office desks only feet away – I cannot complain!

Skinny live on tour

Next journey is to Leicester – we need to be reunited with our Landy so we’re hoping it’s ready and not too dear – Thank goodness it’s the former and not the latter! We hop back into the cold, crowded ‘trusty’ Landy and get back on the road. Everything takes a lot longer than normal today. After an interview we finally manage to set up our gear as people start entering the pub. Friends and family walk through the door along with a very ill Party George still eager to party given that it’s his birthday. It’s only a cold and it doesn’t appear to stop him from tasting the beer in his hand. Roger Wilson joins us on stage and off we go – party on stage and have a great time.

Skinnies with Beetlejuice

Tuesday is Winchester. Again relatively unknown ground but I have some friends there so it’s going to be fun whatever. The venue is called The Railway and I like it a lot. It’s the first venue we have arrived early at, but assume it’ll not be a problem only to find this sign is on the door! Charming. Anyway, there’s enough time to pop to a pub we heard about called The Black Boy, which has lots of fantastic things in it and great food. You should check it out. The gig is great too as there’s a big crowd singing and dancing and we have lots of fun (again). Cheers Winchester!

Skinny live in Winchester

Wednesday is London. It’s a long time since we’ve had a gig in our hometown and we’re all really excited to find it’s SOLD OUT! Whey hey – we’re happy about this! Sisters are on track and we have a fridge full of booze plus Roger Wilson as support. It’s going to be a good’un and yes – it turns out that way! I think I might have crowd surfed and some of us ended up at new friend’s houses until the wee hours of next morning. Whoops. Somehow we manage to get some sleep before heading to Brighton. With very weak bodies and hurting livers we set up, eat and wait for our early slot. It’s a great gig and ends up being another late late night with a lock in at some unknown pub dancing on the bar to Queen.

Sold Out!

Hastings seems impossible when I wake up the next morning but is actually apparently not after a couple of beers and some fish and chips we get to the venue…another great support slot in the guise of King Size Slim. Following this we get to the stage….there’s moshing, some guy rips most of his clothes off and there’s a stage invasion…not to mention shoulder rides on dangerous ground. All very good fun…Hastings – you never seem to disappoint! End of tour bed has never felt so good!

Thanks for coming to see us!


  1. Landlady of the Forge and Flagon says:

    Was the best school night Leicester has ever seen.

  2. belinda wise says:

    Certainly the most refreshing and enjoyable band for sometime now. It doesnt suprise me at all , that they are getting more and more popular. They have a great rapour with their audience, and bring a strong feeling of happiness, at the venues they play. They are fun to watch, and cant wait to see them again.

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