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Green 17: The last hurrah!

In Nashville we stay with two lovely girls. We head downtown to Broadway to see music before the gig which is in a massive warehouse. It was fun. We had video games in the changing rooms. The boys shoot stuff whilst I drink rum.

Max shoots

Next up is New Orleans. Yep! New Orleans! Too excited. We pull into what looks like the coolest town ever…people playing music all over the streets and GOOD music too. Wow! Bourbon street is crazy but wow must not forget we have a gig! The town is ready to party and that’s what we intend to do!

New Orleans

Then the last two days take us to Texas. Now these really do have to be HUGE party nights. Mosh pits, crowd surfing and drinking are essential.


Not too sure what happened in Dallas. Surprisingly, Dan has a memory of drinking an Irish Car Bomb. The wonderful Dave Hause gave me, dan and my hand luggage a lift to the hotel…against his will apparently.

Lift please

Houston. Last night. All feel a little ropey, but hell – if we don’t take it tonight we’ll regret it! The gig is great as predicted. As I start crowd surfing Rosco dives off the stage and over the barriers. Amazing. I want to do that! Later in Floggings set I ask Dave to sort out a diving board and get my swimming costume and hat on…off I go…woooooaaaahhhh!

Later there’s more drinks had in the bar and on the bus. Let’s make sure we do all this again folks!

Lorna on Flogging Molly's Bus

A Massive Thank you to Flogging Molly! For having us on the bus, on the stage and on the tour! It has been incredible sharing your crowds with you, opening up for you and drinking with you! Cheers!

Lorna and the boys xxx

Home time

Home Time!

Warped Tour 2012: 4th July and either side

A day off precedes a gig in Dallas. We’re opening for the Kia Rio stage which is now in an Amphitheatre instead of on the back of a lorry. It feels big and as we get ready to go on the crowds start to run in – some run past and some stick around to check out the bass.

Dallas stampead

There is also a minor fracas when Dan Gray bites off a bit more than he can chew play sparing with Kenny the stage manager and gets properly chinned! Serves him right :)

Dan Gray tackles Kenny

The crowd steadily grows and all is good. The weather now is becoming intense again! Dry and humid. Humid and dry! Despite this we decide to go true Skinny style and busk. We quickly work out that we can play and walk if Dan Gray is pushed on our trolley with the bass so here we go working again playing and busking.

Busking in Dallas

It’s a spectacle and it goes down well. We have some fun shows but wow we’re getting tired. Thank goodness we have another day off to celebrate Independence Day. We plan a baseball game, music, fireworks and actually end up sleeping, staring at a swimming pool for hours and then funnily enough have a BBQ in a Walmart car park (as if we haven’t done enough of these!).

BBQ in Walmart

There was an ordeal in Walmart as we roll up to the check out with a trolley full of rum though. They said they couldn’t serve us as our UK passports were not officially valid. We were outraged! Apparently they are not skilled enough to judge whether it’s genuine or not. Idiots! We had to get our ‘British’ American friend Erin to come on by with her American drivers licence. The shift Manager said this was fine but then the cashier said he’d lose his job knowing that she was buying it for us!!!! Outraged again! We then had to call another manager down (I had to leave) and eventually Erin managed to leave with 10 litres of rum. Phew. It was good to chill though drinking the rum refused to us by Walmart in Walmart’s car park. Ha! The next stretch is 11 days straight. Uh oh…daunting…our bodies are starting to feel the toll of hardcore Skinny Lister promotion!!

We open Kia Rio stage again in Saint Louis following our friends The Funeral Party. The weather is HOT HOT HOT again. On the merch stall we ask anyone with water guns to spray us. Everyone suffers. Temperatures are up there with Arizona and the kids are going home early. There’s a few stray pink people braving the heat but wow it’s hot! Despite this we brave it and do our second gig of the day. Fun as far as I remember!

Dan Gray lierally melting

Yesterday we moved to the House of Marley stage – we’re opening up and then hear that we’re doing a second gig at the Acoustic Basement in the evening. HOT HOT HOT again so after a quick busk at our merch stall we head over there to start up the party again. Great fun followed by a BBQ. We take the jug and make new friends. They might not remember our names tomorrow but they’ll remember us I’m sure!

Skinny at the Acoustic Basement tent

Today I wake up bright and early and feel a new lease of energy. Everyone seems better there’s a wind in the windy city of Chicago. We’re back on Kia Soul which is great news. The crowd is good. The shop is good and we decide to busk to close the day. Twelve hours of hard promotion we relax outside as the sun goes down (the first evening when it feels cool enough to be possible), we have a BBQ, pass the jug and have a laugh. Dan Gray says “That is so sick” naturally in a conversation and there’s a practical joke where we pretend to leave before the bus call leaving 3 of our fellow bus mates behind at the barbie. Ha ha ha…these tricks are starting to become a light break in hard work.

Image medley of Chicago by the magnificent Matt Toka and co :)

Oh and hurrah! Looking forward to Sunday to see Wimbledon final – whoop whoop!