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Green17: New York

Arriving into New York is one of the most exciting feelings I’ve had yet. Am I going to love it or hate it! As we drive through town I see all the yellow cabs, tall buildings and steam pouring out of the roads. Love it!

Our first port of call is a Balcony TV recording session. Even leaving the car into the reception has me in freezing agony do you can imagine how we felt on the roof top waiting for everything to be in place. That’s right freezing cold! The view is amazing though and it’s such a pleasure to meet the Golightly Press crew and Jamie from SideOneDummy that we brush off the coldness and knock out Rollin Over. Very quickly!

Balcony TV

Next we head over to the venue after picking up keys to our apartment. We’re very excited to play the Roseland Ballroom. An amazing venue. I have to say though, I am at least a little nervous. So many pals and supporters back stage. I only hope tonight is as much fun as the rest. The Flagon soothes the nerves, the sound is great and before I know it, the bass drum and bass are crowd surfing. All is great fun! Here’s to party George for letting us perform Forty Pound Wedding!

Pic by Forrest Woodward - https://www.facebook.com/ForestWoodwardPhotography

Pic by Forest Woodward – https://www.facebook.com/ForestWoodwardPhotography

After the show I am excited to see an old school friend Liam. We and the rest of the gang proceed to get pretty drunk back stage before selling more merch. A good party for sure.

New York New York!

Camino and Rosco go AWOL for the next 24 hours. We see them again on Monday morning for press red and bleary eyed. There’s many a story to tell but too long for here! In the meantime you can check out what our new and dear friend Rosco does when he’s not crowd surfing to Seventeen Summers!

Lorna x

Onward, Etc. from gnarly bay productions, Inc. on Vimeo.

Green 17 Tour – Detroit

The gig in Grand Rapids was busy, there’s a whole lot of people and we have to change our mental approach from small packed pubs in Germany to very large packed venues in the States. It takes a little while to relax into it but before long we’re in and playing. When the Polkas kick in, I take to the floor. I end up in a bit of a circle pit and get knocked sideways, thank goodness my red shoes have sloppy soles which just meant I went sailing back to the stage! Great fun! I’m surrounded by security escorting me back to the stage!! Grand Rapids know how to party! We stay to watch Flogging Molly, dance like loons and take turns to watch merch. It’s great to catch up with Nathan and Ultramark from Stepdad too! XX

Camino at The Orbit Room, Grand Rapids

Everything’s a little chaotic as we pack up and take off, realising we don’t have the pay!! We head back…drunk and desperate for our beds…only a couple more hours sleep then we’re off to Fox TV Detroit for Blueberry pancakes and a session playing Rollin Over. We crawl back into the car and head to the venue…try to sleep though Flogging Molly’s sound check and shower!

At Fox 2 Detroit

The sound, venue and people of Detroit were sensational. It’s easy to say we have our heads back into big venue gigs. It’s loads of fun! Here’s a picture of everyone raising their glasses to Party George’s song Forty Pound Wedding.

Here's to George!

What a fantastic reception! Great to meet everyone when on the merch table too. Thanks for taking the time! After an amazing full nights sleep in a hotel we’re ready to take on the 4,800 strong capacity venue The Aragon Ballroom.

Chicago – here we come!

Pic by MISixxDET

Green17 Tour – Grand Rapids

Wow! Two days off recovering from Germany and getting ready to support Flogging Molly on their Green 17 Tour of the states makes time pass quickly. A little too quickly perhaps!


The rush is eased as we’re upgraded on the plane over…skinny goes posh! We’re a little too excited to be supporting the Molly to sleep but we give it a good try for 7 hours. On arrival we sort all our stuff out and look forward to being reunited with our friends from Warped Tour, firstly, and very importantly, Mr Rosco Wuestewald from Onward etc. who has agreed to help us on the road and sort all our dishevellment and secondly, The Bang Ups who kindly offered us a floor to sleep on. As it turns out as we make our way from Chicago to Grand Rapids…we hit an almighty blizzard. There are trucks frequently spotted off road with hazards on…slipping and a sliding all over the shop. Eek. We take it slowly meaning that our arrival time changes from midnight to 3am. Wow. We then cram in a couple of hours sleep before getting up at 6am and make our way over to Fox 17 studios for an early morning interview. It turns out the news story before us is about a couple of guys suing subway because their ‘Foot Long’ sandwich fell short by an inch. Then there is a long discussion about whether an inch matters. I love a bit of sexual innuendo talk at breakfast time! A great bunch of people. Thanks for looking after us!

We’re now picking up the bits and pieces we need from a superstore. Mule has just returned from the mall saying he lost the others in all the miles of floor space.

Bang Ups Gaff

We’re very excited about tonight’s show at Orbit Rooms. Can’t wait to get one under our belt!

Lorna x

Skinny back in the States supporting Flogging Molly!

We are excited to announce that we’ll be touring the US in the new year with the mighty Flogging Molly. We will be supporting the LA celtic punk rockers for the first leg of their Green 17 Tour 2013. It kicks off in Grand Rapids, Michigan on 24th January and finishing up in Houston, Texas on 17th February. We look forward to seeing you out there! (For those of you on the West Coast – we’ll be out there later in the year – Promise!)

SXSW – Day One

Biggest worry – getting Skinny Lister baggage and shop on the plane. Done. Somehow we managed to bring Skinny shop, all instruments including the colossal double bass sarcophagus and a couple of cases of dark matter across the Atlantic.
Next worry – getting from Houston to Austin on the Greyhound. Done, though not without some difficulty.

1 – we had more bags than we could physically carry so had to employ the hands of a homeless man to help.

2 – the Greyhound bus station is in downtown Houston and not for the light hearted! Pretty rough. Within seconds we see a woman being handcuffed and escorted out of the building. Then we find out it’s a 5 hour wait for our bus. After we have checked the bags in we have a security check to make sure we are carrying no weapons, we are however, carrying a load of rum, which is swiftly removed and placed in the security guards basket. Damn.

So we sit down to wait and go through many different feelings – we’re delirious, frustrated, fuming and tired and finally relieved when the bus pulls in. Anyway – when we arrive at Berkman House and meet the lovely David Dale and Tony Jupp, we’re happy again: a couple of hours sleep, some tacos and cactus juice after a trip to the local supermarket, where the guys behind the meat counter are singing karaoke whilst a DJ pumps out serious dance music – we’re set to go. Bass case and all are squeezed on to the bus and we take to the streets, collecting smiles, cheers and friends as we go. An off the cuff open mic gig turns into a full house and it seems that Skinny Lister is going to go down well in the States. Phew! Free drinks and a request to play the next night puts us in jolly good spirits and we set off to find our new German DJ friends – Coma – to dance away until tiredness takes over and we make our way home a little too drunk and bleary eyed. Great start.

The Atlantic lay between us but won’t keep us from each other…

It’s shaping up to be another busy year for us Skinnies. We’re on our merry old way to the States! SXSW, Texas is up first where we’ll be doing a number of shows at different venues over the week, including an appearance at The Tap Room on Friday 16th March. Then we’re hooking up with Rusted Root and embarking on a mammoth drive across Mid West and West Coast USA taking in Chicago, up to Portland then down through California to Las Vegas and beyond. We can’t wait to take Skinny style stateside. I hope we come back alive. Yeeehaaaa!

Follow stateside Skinny action here and at www.facebook.com/skinnylister

Skinny Lister – US Tour dates:

13th March 2012 – SXSW Austin, Texas – Hyatt Regency, Downtown on the Lake. 6pm
14th March 2012 – SXSW Austin, Texas – Tom’s Tabooley, 2928 Guadalupe St, 78705 />
16th March 2012 – SXSW Austin, Texas – The Tap Room, 117 4th Street. 9pm
17th March 2012 – SXSW Austin, Texas – Southpark, 9600 IH-35, SB, Suite D-100. 6pm
17th March 2012 – SXSW Austin, Texas – 7th Street Station, 2404 East 7th at the Tracks
27th March 2012 – Cubby Bear, Chicago, IL
28th March 2012 – The Old Rock House, St Louis, MO
30th March 2012 – Belly Up, Aspen, CO
31st March 2012 – Wild West Saloon, West Yellowstone, MT
1st April, 2012 – Knitting Factory, Spokane, WA
3rd April, 2012 – Mississippi Studios, Portland, OR
4th April, 2012 – Tractor Tavern, Seattle, WA
5th April, 2012 – Neurolux, Boise, ID
6th April, 2012 – John Ascuaga’s Nugget, Sparks, MV
8th April, 2012 – El Ray Theatre, Los Angeles, CA
10th April, 2012 – The Loft, La Jolla, CA
11th April, 2012 – Live at the Compound, Phoenix, AZ
12th April, 2012 – Royal House, Las Vegas, NV
13th April, 2012 – The State Room, Salt Lake City, UT
14th April, 2012 – The Gothic Theatre, Englewood, CO