US Tour – Day One (Milage: 22642.8)

Skinny Lister are back in the United States of America! We arrived into Chicago airport glad to be returning but with some trepidation about the mammoth drive six of us were about to embark on in our cosy RV. It’s big beast, but it definitely isn’t going to feel like that in a week or so – or maybe in 24 hours or so! And six of us because our friend Chris is coming along to document our travels and help with driving.

Skinnies crammed in the RV

We arrive a day early into Chicago without thinking about the practicalities of where we’re going to park our RV. Hmm…5 hours later we find a rest area near the airport and a 6 lane highway which says ‘Maximum stay 2 hours’ but we’re tired so we decide to park up and kip (obviously fully dressed ready for action in case we get moved on).
The sleep we had that night wasn’t the best. Between planes taking off every minute and lorries sounding their horns we have paranoia that we’re getting clamped. The wind blowing the RV about doesn’t help either. I guess that’s why it’s called the Windy City!

Driving into Chicago

Anyway…enough moaning, we wake up fairly refreshed and ready to go. We arrive at the venue to dump our stuff and then head into town. It’s amazing. The buildings are huge and Lake Michigan is so big it looks like the sea. The town looks really cool too and the train system runs on massive metal structures above the roads.


The Cubby Bear is a big venue of 800 capacity. The promoter is excited as people are queuing round the block to get in. We’re excited too…with our flagon loaded with rum and black and blue burgers in our bellies we take to the stage. A slightly challenging show technically as Dan snaps two D strings consecutively and Max is sick and looking like he’s about to pass out. Regardless of this, the crowd seem to love it – which of course means I love it. I go out into the crowd and people are everywhere trying to dance with me, take beer mats and give me kisses – ho ho ho. Love it.

Tash and Mule on a quest for Wifi devices

Out on the town, Dan Hep managed to sell a vest out of his stomp box and we have the best welcome back to America we could dream of. All in all, a good start to the tour. Chicago is definitely a LOT of fun. Tomorrow we’re off to St Louis, a 300 or so mile journey.

Skinny live in Chicago


  1. Landlady of the Forge and Flagon says:

    so missed your adventures, glad you are back on track, what are rusted root like

  2. Landlady of the Forge and Flagon says:

    have done mule before you went, friends on facebook, they seemed great and very down to earth in their video, all individual too, safe journey and keep these blogs going we are all on your tale over here at the Forge xxxx

  3. Anthony says:

    Loved you guys in Chicago!!
    We drove nearly 450 miles (716 km) to see the always fabulous Rusted Root, only to be blown away by you five. Okay…to be honest… we had checked out your music on-line, and already had high expectations of you! You did not disappoint!
    Thank You so much for coming Stateside….many of us greatly appreciate it!

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