Green 17 – Cincinnati

First thing we need after waking up late from our nice comfy hotel bed is breakfast. We don’t have lots of time so it’s a drive thru MacDonalds. Yum. Though Dan turns what should be an easy job into a right shambles. First off he misses the box you make your order into so then proceeds to try and shout to it. Doesn’t work. After a very dodgy attempt to reverse truck and trail or we decide to drive around again. Again he nearly misses the ordering box but is closer this time so is able to speak to the attendant. He has no idea how to do this. He says ‘hash browns for all of us please’ to which the attendant can only ask ‘how many are there?’ anyway, here’s a short video of the event. We said at the time it would be a miracle if we got what we wanted and low and behold that miracle didn’t happen. I pretty much went without. Never mind!

The gig was preceded by dinner at an all American style diner and a very rushed sound check. Another fun gig though and a fun night on the Skinny Shop. Thanks for the shots everyone. We attempted an after party only to be quite disappointed when we didn’t find one. Once we arrived at Aaron and Alex’s pad (the latter being the trumpet player of The band Foxy Shazam) we are grateful and fall asleep pretty much straight away. Thank you for your hospitality folks! Dizzy the dog you stole our hearts – esp Rosco’s!

Now we have a well deserved day off. It’s another busy one tomorrow so time to REST!


  1. Susy Frey says:

    Great show in Cleveland last night! Love you guys! Thanks for coming to the States so I could see you! Here’s to continued success and a great tour with Flogging Molly and Dave Haus!

  2. mt schmidt says:

    enjoying following you all about on your very successful fun tour! I was whining like a sick cat about you not coming to st louis MO but – it feels as though I hung out with you along the way!
    Maybe next time skinnies! CHEERS!

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