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Green 17 – Cleveland

By February 2, 2013No Comments

For the first time in the last month or so we get to sleep in the same bed twice. Result! Better make it a good’un then. We book ourselves into the hotel opposite the House of Blues. Two plush rooms with 4 comfy beds. No hot tub unfortunately but I can’t complain.

Michael and Rosco decide to join Nathan from Flogging Molly for dinner at the Green House Tavern whilst the rest of us get a bite quickly and jump into the nice big white comfy beds! They eat everything on the menu and report that it was one of the best dinners they ever had.

Rosco pigs out

I have pigs tongue and wings for breakfast and you know what, I think I quite like tongue!

Next day we had two TV things to do so we’re up early and go do our stuff then head straight to the venue for sound check. I do my usual workout at this time and have a beer.


Theres fun as Rosco stands on the barricades to play drums, Michael waltzes in the crowd and I pass the Flagon around. The crowd goes absolutely crazy for Flogging then we all go to an Irish pub to play some tunes and drink more. I didn’t expect to be drinking straight tequilas, be offered a foursome, dance on tables or chip a tooth but all happened!


Surprisingly I didn’t feel too bad waking up. Fortunately it’s a day ‘off’ or rather a whole day travelling to philadelphia to see our old friend Maura Anne.

Pic courtesy of @RyanNichole, ta!

Still in the car after 8hours with another 2 hours to go. It has rained the whole way. We have been bored, hence, listening to self help audio books on how to kiss goodbye to your comfort zone.

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  • mt schmidt says:

    hang in there gang – I can imagine its hard on you traveling- partying- playing- not being home!
    just know you are turning a lot of new folks on to your music- your wonderful style of FUN!
    Keep on trucking Skinnies – we love you!