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Green 17 – Philadelphia & Boston

By February 5, 20133 Comments

We drive 9 long hours through heavy wind and rain. Madness! But as we pull into Philadelphia the rain stops and we have a warm welcome at the lovely Maura’s house. We treat ourselves to a Philly Cheese Steak…wow…and then watch a documentary about Sonic Youth and Nivana before sleep.

In the morning we have an AMAZING brunch at Sabrina’s, I get my haircut then off to the venue. Another amazing gig pursues – there’s bass crowd surfing…AMAZING again! After the gig we hang out with Maura and her friends while they sing beautiful harmonies, The fabulous Eva our booking agent buys us beer and then we have a few tunes with the Flogging Molly crew before sourcing a whiskey bar. Busy fun day.


Next day is Boston. We drive past New York. Exciting but first it’s Boston! Well actually first it’s Somerville (whoops sorry for the scenic route fellas) where we do a quick filming of Rollin and Colours before rising to sound check. We then have an interview the Raynham Channel just before we get on stage…we’re pretty exhausted but as soon as we step in front of the amazing crowd all is forgotten and we play out hearts out…drums and bass players crowd surf. I wait until the Flogging Molly set…fun…that is until I get handed over the bars case at the front and a bouncer threatens to chuck me out in the snow!!! Don’t you know who I am?! Ha!

Lorna x

Crowd surfing bass player...

New York tomorrow…CANNOT WAIT! First time for me!

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  • Josh says:

    My girlfriend and I helped you up onto the railing in Boston when you crowd surfed, you tapped me on the shoulder and I was so surprised. You guys killed it, got your album, hope you come back to Boston soon me and my girlfriend want to see you again, keep playing.

    – Josh

  • Kevin says:

    Be honest, that philly cheesesteak was the best thing youve ever had wasn’t it? You guys put on an amazing show and can’t wait till you come back!

  • J.D. says:

    Had so much fun at your Boston show – bought your CD and haven’t stopped listening to it!