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Warped Tour 2012: Stepping it up a gear

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We are now successfully through half of the eleven day stint. We’ve made our way up from St. Louis to Chicago and back down to Kansas and now we’re getting prepared to cross the border into Canada. The last few days have been a hard slog but we’re building our stamina and enjoying the rewards. We’ve been on a smaller stage again, so been working the line (playing the queue of people waiting to get in) and flying.

BBQ after a hard days slog featuring new pals from Vampires Everywhere, Falling In Reverse, Music Saves Lives and the amazing Matt Toka

It’s been hard work after already setting up the shop but it has definitely helped with getting a good crowd and sales on the shop. Yep. We’re developing good sales skills. Max and I even do a ‘mop up’ at the end of the day, fishing for consumers. Works a treat. We basically walk around smiling holding a CD in our hands. We did all this plus played two gigs each day and had interviews. This morning we get ready to fall into the same routine as the past few days, we put the shop up and grab a quick breakfast – we’re all quite flustered and tired after a BBQ the night before and a late night trip to Walmart to pick up supplies (of which I have drunken memories of chundling around the megastore on one of those electronic scooters for disabled people). Anyway, instead of the usual main gig of mid afternoon / early evening, we find out we’re opening up one of the main stages in about an hour.

Sound checking the main enormo stage

We’re still in the clothes we slept in and should usually be backstage an hour before we’re due on. Anyway – the rest is a blur but we managed to sort our stuff out and get on. Warped Tour is definitely hotting up. Still a lot of fun but pushing us physically to the limit.

Mule and Dan Gray take 5 for spot of driving Golf balls into the lake. You can tell i’m a avid golfer from my technically perfect grip…