Grand Union Narrow Boat Tour

All Aboard…

By August 20, 2010No Comments

It’s Grand Union Narrowboat Tour eve and we’re all gathered in Frolesworth at George and Alice’s gaff packing the last few bits and pieces and testing our sound recording equipment ready for the off first thing in the morn.

One of us has to pass a barge competency course when we get to Linslade Wyvern… not sure who’s going to be nominated yet… and then we’ll be on our way sailing hell for leather down the canal ways recording songs, drinking serious amounts of rum, stopping at pubs to do gigs and having a good time.

Come celebrate our arrival in London at The Lock Tavern, Camden on Wednesday eve for our mid tour show and make sure you print out the flyer below for free entry and a copy of the Skinny Lister Grand Union EP which we’ll be recording for your listening pleasure on route.

Keep checking back for daily…