Beautiful Days…

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Beautiful days in beautiful fields full of beautiful people. Beautiful, beautiful beautiful!

Beautiful Days

Although most of us weren’t there long (as seems to be the case too often this year) we were there just long enough to soak up a sunny disposition, a drunken swagger and rose-tinted view of the world.

Lorna and Max about to go on stage

Before the set we joined with the six beauties that are otherwise known as the ‘Skinny Sisters’ www.facebook.com/skinnysisters all clad in smiles and flowery Laura [Lorna] Ashley dresses. With just enough time to run through the highly organised dance routines (yeah right…). Then in what seemed like no time at all we were on stage and looking out at those aforementioned beautiful fields full of beautiful people. I was, and think I can speak for the fellas too, blown away by the enthusiasm on the faces of the people who stood, sat, swayed or staggered before us. As we warm up, I can hear the Skinny Sisters stomping and cheering behind me – then wham! – out they were on stage showing off the lovely dresses and some other items of clothing not to be mentioned on this here page. As they go off into the audience I can tell they’re being greatly received by all – especially the lovely young men in the audience.

Skinny Sisters

Great fun. The set finished way too soon but some more diddling afterwards and more rhum distributed by members of the audience made a very lovely change. Thank you kind sirs and madams. If you weren’t there then I think you should make sure you are next year. Great festival!

Lorna x