– Day of Lister Aftermath –

By February 26, 2011No Comments

It’s taken a week to regroup after last weeks drinking and dancing. Here’s to all of you who made it down to celebrate the ‘Day of Lister’ around Clerkenwell. Warm feelings of friendship abound to those that followed us from the start and helped us carry and parade our banners, flagons, bags, boards and booze. We owe you a pint or to. Unfortunately by the time the party peaked we’d long forgotten we had a video camera with us but we have managed to put this small film together of us performing with Party George.

Big thanks to Pete for filming the parade

Here’s some comments from our beer stained book…

“I saw the beginning, I saw the end. What in between eluded me. Next time! (What is a microlite?)” – Sam

“Love you all… You are proper cool innit. P.S. Lorna show me your pants!”- Sophie x

“Pub crawling round some of london’s best pubs with an amazing crowd. UP THE SKINNIES!” Jo xx

“PLEASE COME BACK! Enjoyed my pint even moor.” – John