Festibelly 2011

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Hmm…not even sure where to start with this week’s blog. I better start from the beginning. We went to Festibelly hell bent on a party. This was the first festival of a very busy summer where we had nowhere to be the next day but tucked up in our own sweet beds. Dangerous!

Skinny doing a session for Amazing Radio - Pic by Steve Baker

Anyway, we arrived, laden with lashings of rum, beer and cider (and some ginger, which is untouched and still swilling around on the floor in the bandwagon). First port of call was to sing ‘Rollin Over’ in the Amazing Radio tent and then a bizarre irreverent interview filled with pointless lies, boasts and hints. After this, the rain came. As I said before though, us Skinnies were hell bent on a party and so a slight downpour may well have dampened the ground and the current main stage audience but we weren’t going to let it have any kind of dent whatsoever on our spirits…tsssk…open another can and chat with new and old friends.

Lorna & Max - Pic by Rob Ball

As we go on stage….the sun comes out, the crowd starts bouncing and whooping before we have even started our sound check…great. This is going to be a belter. It is a belter…Skinny Sisters join us on stage, we skip, we dance and we go off into the audience carrying the holy flagon. It is for the Skinny Sisters to tell you what happened in the crowd…but I believe young men at stage front, rear, left and right were treated. Does the party have to end? Well of course not! The memories in between this set and the 00:30hrs set are patchy to say the least…in fact it was probably filled with staggering and swaying for the most part.

Skinny at Festibelly 2011 - Pic by Steve Baker

It got exciting again when we moved towards the Massive in China tent for the late night gig. None of us could stand straight (so I’m told) and we find out we’re on after a very loud DJ set, only with no amplification…Agghhhh! Oh well…I got on stage to start getting people into the Skinny mood as I saw the tent getting fuller and fuller…there are some memories of singing, performing and a double bass being wielded around in the audience and a moment where the crowd sang John Kanaka so loudly with fists flailing in the air that I had to put me fingers in my ears (sorry Skinnies) Please don’t ever let that stop you…I loved it! Anyway…probably enough recollections there for you to get the picture that we had an absolutely bonkers brilliant bonafide party. Festibelly rocks and we’re with the rest of the Bellies that think this should be a two day dose of fun. We’re still smiling, whilst nursing very poorly bodies and sore throats.

Dead Mule

Lorna x