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Glasgow – Leicester

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The sun was still shining when we drove into Glasgow, all feeling a little worse for wear but nevertheless ready to belt out another set in Glasgow. Great fun and thanks to Lisa for bringing down the Scotsman paper chap. The gig was followed by more fun which found me in a beautiful old tenement flat in my underwear in red high heels…hmmm…was planning on a quiet night. How did this come about? I have vague recollections of promising to go to bed and then sneaking up again for another hour, dancing on tables and tall people falling over…ouch.

Max sleeps in a box

The drive to Leicester was long. Enough said. But upon arrival I knew it was gonna be a good’un. Back in my home town. The Landlord of the Donkey greeted us. A character to say the least. In his kilt, walking boots, jacket and beard telling tales of lost fingers and broken glass whilst pouring jaegermeister down my neck. The pub fills up and the gig is great. George and Roger Wilson join us on stage and that ups the antics further. Thanks to all who came to see us. You did me proud. Sorry to those who wanted to buy music….but you can pre order the album via Amazon now!

The lads decide to head back to London after the gig but I decide to stay at home with mother and father. There was no way I could face another 2 hours in the Landy after the skin full I’d had and anyway…Party George was on top form and needed a partner in crime!

Skinny on stage at The Donkey