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I should Koko

By March 23, 2011No Comments

Wow! Us Skinnies have been hankering after the festival season big time during the cold dark months of January and February and WHAM…a warm sunny day in March knocks us off our feet as we get ready for a big gig at KOKO. Yes!

Skinny in full swing

Stepping up to the mark, this gig is like no other and because I knew I wouldn’t be able to share myself with all the lovely crowd in the old theatre I have six beautiful Skinny Sisters – donned in hats, and flowery dresses squeezing into the tiny dressing room up the endless flight of stairs in the old theatre. I don’t think the lads knew what to do with themselves…hmm.

Skinny Lister

With our skinny beer mats hot off the press sitting on tables underneath the drinks of rock stars (brill fancy dressers holding true to Bestival traditions) we skinnies entered stage and Max hollered out a shanty. Immediately we settle into the set and it didn’t take long for the crowd to get the Skinny vibe and start to dance around like happy festival goers.

Skinny Beer Mat

Rollin Over starts and the Skinny Sisters dance on stage and off into the crowd…swinging fellas round and round until they fell in love! It was great seeing all their sunhats bobbing up and down in the crowd with big smiles all around. Much fun!

The amazing audience

Needless to say, we all got trashed after the performance on rum and ginger. The flagon went missing and the book of diddle left behind. The next thing I knew KOKO was empty and we were being coaxed out by some tired (possibly worse for wear) staff. Whoops! Sore head Sunday but where would the fun be in waking up after a Bestival Party and being able to see clearly? What a brilliant night! Roll on September for more Festival Fun.

Sunday Best

Lots of love to all…

Lorna x

P.s. book of Diddle located. Flagon still missing.

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