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In a Casino near Reno

By April 9, 2012One Comment

On our way to Sparks, we all desperately need a shower so pull over at a Flying J to do all the household chores and get ourselves all sparkly clean. Ahhh…much better. With a positive vibe semi restored in the RV we head on our way again. The landscape becomes far more deserty (spelling?), though snow storms are still visible and occasionally pass us by. Crazy place!

On the road to Reno

We pull into Reno and walk around in a tired zombie like state looking at all the lights and people smoking tabs flittering their money away. This HAS to be the weirdest gig for Skinny Lister yet surely?! It’s hard to imagine how our English folk will go down on a cabaret stage Englebert Humperdink is due to play on in 3 weeks. Surreal. We wonder if we have hotel rooms and finally speak to the promoter Doug who gives us the best news. We do indeed have our own rooms. Another night in the RV could well have ended in suicide. Dan Gray loses $40 dollars in a matter of seconds but who cares…we have some money for steak and a comfortable night’s kip.

High roller

We met with Rusted Root and there seems to be no bad air about my previous antics on stage! Phew…in fact everyone is happy to see each other. I do tell them I’m going to be a good girl tonight though so that probably helped.

Sound check in Reno

The gig turned out to be fun. People were up from their booths for Trawler Man and remained there for the rest of the show. Not so weird after all. Gig over we hit the restaurant where we meet Sandy, our waitress for the evening. She’s worked at Nugget the casino for 37 years and still wears her ‘Employee of the month’ badge with pride (awarded in September 1994). Wow, this place is in a time warp. She’s great though and tells us of all the people she’s seen play on the very same stage as us, including Ginger Rogers.

Haul her in

Some guy buys us all a rum and that sets Dan Gray and Chris on a night out on the casino whilst I keep to my word and head to my bed. I want to go swimming in the morning.


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  • John Fisher says:

    Thank you for the Waltz….that was the most fun I had all day!!! I am definitely a fan!!!