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Lorna reports on last weekends antics…

By August 2, 2011No Comments

3 festivals, 1000 miles, 10 bottles of rum, endless memory of hangovers and God knows how many shanties belted out… Us Skinnies are on the road and rocking it!

The only way to travel

First festival was Kendal Calling up in the stunning landscape of the North Lakes. Amazing scenery. The sun shone and we felt good. The gig is great. We sing, we shantie, we drink and we dance. Greeted with lots of appreciation and even a fellow Lister family member afterwards…no time to chat though as then we have to put the foot on the accelerator and get to London P.D.Q. Worst ever service station stop at Hilton Lodge (Sorry – but we are getting pretty familiar with these nowadays).

Gig on the South Bank at Queen Elizabeth Hall Foyer was also great. A different set of people from what we’re used to – evident in the £50 note that was handed over to buy one of our rough and ready barge tour EPs!

Again no time to chat though – sorry folks – we had to get a moving and a shaking down to Lulworth Castle, Camp Bestival as due on stage in less than 5 hours… Max put his foot down though and we had time to spare / drink before going on at the Bandstand…The gig started off like a bit of a child’s entertainment thing (no surprise I suppose but then a bouncer came and cleared them off the stage, ready for me and my red shoes to get a stomping. I can’t remember much after the gig, apart from some sort of ‘Ravioli on a Rod’ game which I won. Don’t ask.

Big Top

Next day, I awake and feel positively GREAT (very unusual)… We decided to go to the seaside to wash away any hangovers. A quick swim in the sea sorted us out… Mule braved the seaweed and took on the Door. After that, a funny entry into the sea was made by Dan and a couple of really funny games like lets throw stones at Lorna’s cider and we’re ready to get back to site for the evening’s BIG GIG on the BIG TOP! Eek. Absolutely amazing though… competing with Primal Scream not an easy battle but there were enough elbows to swing on in the crowd and it rocked! Amazing times… long drive back to London… bed. Bring on the next battle. We’re ready for ya!

Skinny Lister live at The Big Top, Camp Bestival

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  • Bee aged 45, Zanzibar aged 9 and Flo aged 11 says:

    Imagine our last night at Campbestival…wandering aimlessly back to our tent….when the rest of the world was watching primalscream…….we heard you playing in the big top and were immediately drawn in with big smiles on our faces……at last a band we LOVED! So we danced and laughed and danced some more – thanks for being so full of energy, raw talent and fun… oooozed. We skipped back to beds uplifted and happy…… will sing your praises to everyone! Any Vlogs of that night ? Would love to see you again soon but am makin do with the few vids on utube……we need more please! from 3 Skinny converts xxx

    • mule says:

      Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for stopping by. Come find us on Facebook and do come to another gig soon. We have a single and album coming up shortly so keep a weather eye on the blog for announcements…

      Big love to all 3 of you! 🙂