Lorna’s Summer Jam, Wilderness and Summer Sundae report

By August 17, 2011No Comments

Not sure if I say this every week but we’re really getting into the swing of festival season now…raaaaahhh! What a fantastic weekend. Over way too quick – possibly due to the intensity of our gigs. Up to Leek for Summer Jam….and pretty much as soon as we got up to sing, the crowd got up to dance. They were thirsty buggers too and definitely set a precedence for the rest of the weekend…We danced on hay bales, waltzed, spilt beer and hollered til our throats hurt and then by the time we’d got our breaths back we were in the car and winging it to our 1am gig at the Wilderness Festival in Oxford. Would we make it in time? OF COURSE we would and thank Captain Morgan we did! Another great time was had by all (especially a friend of ours who we bumped into who was, let’s say, very merry – I wonder if she will remember us being there…no time to stop and play with friends though as we have another gig next day and we won’t be home (Party George’s house that is) until 4am.
Summer Sundae – up and at ‘em…what a lovely festival! No real sound wars between stages, a relaxed attitude and loads of friends there who haven’t seen us play outside of the very small shed pub Forge and Flagon, plus…very exciting….we had Roger Wilson on stage to play fiddle. Excellent. What a great gig too. A great set of people to play with! After that a session with Exposure Live and a diddle for dinner at Wagamammas…I tell you, we’re a hard working band alright. All worth it though.