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Sunday Times Magazine

By November 20, 2011No Comments

Ooh check us out in the Sunday Times magazine today! We have to turn a blind eye to the fact they get Lorna’s name wrong… Laura? Who’s Laura? And apparently she ‘whispered the lyrics to Rollin’ Over’?? If you’ve ever heard us bang that one out, you’ll know there’s no whispering going on. Strange seeing as they were definitely at the radio session. They must have had too many sips on the old flagon when we weren’t looking..

Pics below, scans coming soon when my mac starts working again.


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  • Landlady of the Forge and Flagon says:

    OOOOH the proudness coming out of the Forge to you guys, about time you get the recognition you need. Soon the will never call Lorna Laura as the world will know all of your names so well. Go Skinnies love all of us at the Forge and Flagon xxx

  • Sarah says:

    Bloody fab!