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Alas…Bestival is now over and the British Festival Season comes to an end…it didn’t just fizzle out though…Skinny Lister and our Skinny Sisters made sure it went with a bang. Not once, not twice but FIVE times! We definitely got around – possibly more than our Skinny Sisters??? – All the gigs were amazing fun (as always) but a personal highlight for me was Thursday night’s gig in the Polka tent where a group were chanting my name – God bless you lovelies!!! Not such a highlight of that gig was when a man wearing white overalls poured most of the contents of the holy flagon into his drinking funnel. More fool him. Sure I saw him in a puddle somewhere later on. Oh and I lost a red shoe…boo (apparently later seen by Dan behind main stage..?)

With the Sisters

…On a more positive note, another highlight was the Sailor Jerry stage…a surprise unveiled to us on Saturday morning, the Skinny Sisters and I having only been ushered to bed by the Bestival men in florescent jackets 3 hours earlier. A few drinks down me though and the music starting up you can’t help but move. It was amazing fun and the double loud PA meant strangers from far away heard the diddle and were hell bent on partying with us. It were great!

At Sailor Jerry's

There were other gigs around these all of which were thoroughly enjoyed, just think I was a little too drunk at the time, whoops, which is hindering any recall of them right now. Oh we did have a good night out with the Skinny Sisters on some very nice rum where we met some very nice people. That was fun.

Skinny Sisters

I may have a slight limp, be down a red shoe, have heavy eye lids, a rotten liver and a lobotomised brain but I cannot wait until next year. Am I being too sentimental now? Maybe a little sleep’ll toughen me up again.

Lorna x