Lorna reports… Indy Jax, Playgroup and Southbank

By August 11, 2011No Comments

A relatively relaxed weekend this week….what with only three gigs and all of those being in the South. First stop Hemel Hempstead…pressure was on this as a couple from Bridington (the other end of the country) were due down on a surprise romantic weekend where the groom to be (hopefully) was going to ask the lady in question to be his lawful wedded wife…well we Skinnies are suckers for this kind of thing and we sang our hearts out, passed round the rum and popped open some bubbly. Great. We went home with rosy faces and a warm feelin in our bellies, being serenaded with Stan (Eminem) by a long and dear friend – Andy Wills – you nutter!

Saturday morning came around fast. Good thing I checked my emails first thing and saw that Mule and Max were due in to pick us up in 20 mins…eek…I straighten myself out – no time to think of hangovers and off we go to Playgroup. Great field of people and lots of fun. Needless to say (as it always seems to be the case) but I didn’t want to leave…oh well…shovelled back into the car and back to the Southbank for another gig. A cider gig. Not too shabby and we won the hearts of a few rough looking homeless fellas who lived in the bushes there…plus a few others I believe.

We must be cracking on for being half way through our mammoth festival run…booo…I hear you cry. Well if you haven’t seen us yet or want to see us again, check out the poster below for festivals we’re playing near you…fancy coming?