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Warped Tour 2012 – Las Vegas

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So, Skinny Lister are back in Vegas and it’s as weird as the first time we were here. Only now we’re in a parking lot in the boiling hot sunshine surrounded by 100’s of buses, we have no idea what is going on or when/where/which stage we’re playing but I’m getting excited. Everyone is really friendly, the bus is pretty small for 15 but it is air conditioned and the crew seem fun and helpful…

It soon becomes apparent that we’re the first to play on the main stage…great. We have a panic because all we have had so far is a beer for breakfast. It’s hot and we’re starting to get dizzy but we’re not sure we have time to eat. We must have time to eat! Thank God we did. The food is great and sorts us out – ready for our gig.

Lorna gets friendly with Kia Rio stage manager Kenny

The sound check has a few stressful moments when Mule realises he’s forgotten his power transformer (not a childhood toy) and Dan Hep panics about snapping strings and not having a replacement guitar. Anyway, the mood is lightened and helped by Kenny the stage manager. I like him immediately.
We have no idea how this is going to go down but it soon becomes clear that the audience are enjoying themselves when they start a circle pit. Basically they all run around in a circle. Lots of fun. It goes down well. It’s so hot.

Sound check at Warped

After the show we start to get to grips with the place. There are a lot of people sitting in any shaded area eating massive comes of ice. We discover we need to buy a tent for our Skinny Shop and a trolley to lug our gear about. Tomorrow, tomorrow. Now it’s time to go play the after hours BBQ so we fight jet lag and play some jigs and reels. As our fingers and feet tire we slope to bed. Tomorrow should be cooler – fingers crossed.

Luxor by night

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