What a weekend!

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Friday night and we feel alright! The Skinnies were together again and took to the streets of old Greenwich. Straight away we were greeted with drunken revellers handing over counterfeit whiskey, beckoning us to play more and louder. As we went on our way, we got merrier and merrier – met a yodeller, smashed glasses and got asked to leave one pub by an unhappy bar attendant complaining about no license. All very well…us skinnies had to get to bed anyway – early start to Larmer Tree in the morning.


Sore heads all round but particularly so for me (Lorna) and Mule (as usual). Anyway, we arrived in the rain to Larmer Tree and were greeted with a warmer than usual welcome by the attendants at the gate… In we went and we could already hear a happy crowd cheering to the band before us… On stage we’re happy to see loads of lovely people sheltering from the rain and enjoying our frolics. Great stuff. After a great gig – we enjoy a cider in what is momentarily a summery festival atmosphere until the rain falls again and we decide to head for Brighton.


Well Brighton is a party town…not long in and we were joined by a nutter covered in tattoos and wearing heavy metal, long black coat and a top hat – obviously well known as when I went into a newsagents to buy more beer – they kindly told me to be careful of him and warned me that we could get rid of him simply by going into any of the boozers since he was barred from most…hmmm their safety net made me worry since we’d just burst into one pub with him in tow only to be greeted with happy bar staff snapping away and smiles all round. He seemed like fun to me!

Brighton Pier

Anyway – somewhere along the line we lost him but gained more and more funtime party goers – we had dancing in the streets..stag and hen party members bumped up the numbers dramatically! Great fun ending in Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar (thanks Sally).

The gig on sunday had the potential to be a belter – free cider, lots of friends but MORE RAIN – boo…back to Larmer tree for some muddy late night fun in the Social Tent. Thanks for dancing guys and thank you too to that very generous chap who bought me more ruum!

Skinny make their way to The Social tent

Us Skinnies had a brilliant weekend. Thank you all. xxx

Mule and Dan warming up pre gig