Texas Times!

After a quick picnic in the car park of a McDonalds, we drive into Dallas listening to a crappy midi version of the Dallas soundtrack. The sun is shining, the cowboy hats are on, and we feel good.


It’s the second time we have played at the Dallas House of Blues and as soon as we pull up to it I have memories of an end of tour party.

dallas table small

It’s a fun gig and its great fun re-meeting people I drank with a year ago. And people do like a drink down this way! Ooof. Driving through the grassy knoll on a hangover is a weird feeling…

grassy knoll

Next day doesn’t seem like such a long drive to Austin so we take it leisurely only to regret that when the van starts to loose power and there’s a funny smell. We pull over and top up the oil.


After turning the overdrive off all seems to be well again. Phew! We cannot be late! We make it in time only to find everyone has come down with a sickness bug…hmmm so it wasn’’t food poisoning make Dan and Michael vomit violently the night before…when will it be my turn??

Last time we were at the venue it was SXSW. The weather was hot and we were having a blast. I was hanging out with a star girl called Joanna Ashmore – but tonight is party night. The weather is good (hallelujah) and we have a cool backstage area. John C from Lucero rocks a customised Skinny t-shirt..

john c

I have a quick interview before the gig then we get on stage and do our thing. It’s a great fun night and great to catch up with our good friend Dave Dale.

dave dale

Next stop is Houston, which also brings back end of tour party night memories, which infect our moods (in a good way) on this very night! Next up its Mardi Gras in New Orleans of all places….BRING IT ON!!!!!

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  1. mt schmidt says:

    FOOD POISONING? You need to hire a cook to travel with you..hmm any suggestions? Youknwo of any good cooks that are willing and crazy enuf to tour with you? Hmmmmmmm that has BOB? LOL

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