Grand Union Narrow Boat Tour

Grand Union Narrowboat Tour Day Six & Seven

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Thursday morning was a mixed bag for the members of Skinny Lister. Excellent news of a 5 star review of our Camden show greeted our awakening, however, 2 of us hadn’t been to bed, 2 of us woke up back on the boat with a host of revellers in tow and one of us had to make their way to an appointment in town. All of us were soundly hungover but we couldn’t afford to waste hours wallowing/basking in the glory of the Lock Tavern/Enterprise experience.

It was time for our weekend of 3 festivals in 3 days…

On arrival at Leeds on Friday we were shocked to find we’d left Max’s accordion behind, but we made good, rousing the Leeds crowd with shanty singing and song playing. Max strutted about the stage singing and dancing like some future lead singer in waiting, the accordion wasn’t missed much after all. Following a quick rendition of Delilah on Rockeoke by our very own Tom Jones impersonator (mule), it was back in the car and off for dinner with Howard Marks at his restaurant in Leeds town centre.

Several shots of Tequila and a John Betjeman poem intoned in a deep Welsh lilt later, we launched into a fearsome shanty session right there in the restaurant much to the surprise of the diners and a hen party contingent.

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  • Bea Benham says:

    🙂 Wow! 3 Festivals in one weekend 🙂 I saw you at Festibelly and you were amazing and no forgotten accordian this time. I didn’t use to like this sort of music but you have totally converted me as it is such feel good music to dance to. We all had a really good time and hopefully I’ll be able to see you play again some time!