Grand Union Narrow Boat Tour

Grand Union Narrowboat Tour Day Five

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Copyright 2010 Danny Clifford. All Rights reserved.

Well…after an impromtu play on Day 4 at Horsenden Hill and help from Linda, Angie and Reef we headed to the boat for dinner and spent the rest of the evening mastering the EP. It was finally complete at midnight.

At 8 o’clock the next morning a bike arrived with the cds and whilst Lorna steered the boat towards Little Venice, we burned the lot and packed them up complete with cd cases. All ready in the nick of time.

As we pulled into Camden the rain poured. Nevertheless, whilst the locks were filling up we played to the people who had braved the rain, not once, not twice but on each and every lock, swigging rum and dancing away whilst casting our eyes away from drowned foxes, canal smeg and old empty beer cans. It was good to be in town again!

We parked the boat and headed straight for the Lock Tavern. Finally, after what had seemed like a very long time, our mid-party was about to begin. Friends we had met along the way turned up, old friends from previous gigs and a pair of appearances from Mums added to the varied audiece. How lovely. 8.30 pm and the room was packed. Drinks flowed and we could definitely feel a buzz around the room as press, photographers and film men clicked away.

The set opened with ‘Over the Hills’, Lorna danced on stage and passed around the flagon of rum for all to drink. The crowd went crazy for ‘Rolling Over’ – were there was an inch of space to dance – swinging occurred but mostly there was only space to sway arms and holler. Occasionally the flagon of rum could be seen being passed in the air from one person to the next. The set was cut short because of the Libertines impromptu after party – the room shouted for more and as Lorna handed out CDs we we took all our people downstairs for fun and frivolity – the party carried on – out into the street whilst skinny friends and family headed for the next bar. We entered the Enterprise with gusto. Foot stomping, dancing and glass smashing. We had a riot. More free rum was given out in the Flagon and all had a merry old time. This is what Skinny Lister is about. Once the Enterprise shut we headed for the street for more – picking up a couple of passers by. Back to the boat for some. What fun!

Copyright 2010 Danny Clifford. All Rights reserved.

Photo’s by Danny Clifford