Album Preproduction

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It’s been a busy old time for us Skinnies as usual. We’ve spent a lot of our time over the past few months developing new material, rehearsing it though and then gigging it. And now we’ve been in London putting it all under a magnifying glass with our new favourite – Ted Hutt, our producer.


So, he flew over on Saturday and on Monday we were in a studio and playing through the new songs, taking them apart, trying out different things and then putting them back together again. Monday was productive. We got to know each other, and started to play through stuff. Tuesday was even more productive and we started to really make some improvements on stuff that I already thought were good. Each day we’d try a different pub for debrief. One was a bit scary and actually homophobic so not actually good at all but The Eagle (from the Pop goes the Weasel nursery rhyme) was gentrified but a welcome relief and after Thursday’s hard work, a pint or two of ale at The Wenlock Arms, my personal favourite – was well deserved. Michael’s face when the mustard from the hot salt beef sandwich was great – ho ho ho!

Anyway, after much work in the days, and much drinking in the evenings our week in London finally came to an end. Songs I was confident before grew into great pieces and now I REALLY can’t wait to get into the studio.

We’re recording at Rockfields in South Wales where really great albums have been recorded including my favourite ‘MUST dance on tables’ Bohemian Rhapsody. I can’t believe I am going to be at the very same studio as the late Freddie Mercury. That is just silly!

Let’s head to the country…

And so it begins…

The boys and Ted head off straight after Friday’s day in the studio. Spending the night at some dodgy Travelodge. I’m picking up Ryan, Ted’s engineer, from Heathrow early next morning. You’d think I’d be in bed early then – no sirreee! I’m out with my lovely skinny sisters. Uh oh. I go to bed and it seems I lie down and close my eyes and then my alarm is going off. There’s accidents, satnav issues but in the end we’re heading our way down the M4. As we enter Abergavenny we arrive at Rockfields D.I.Y. Store – whoops – don’t think I can blame that on the satnav. Eventually we get there.


It’s a great place just outside of Monmouth in a farm. There’s blue skies and fields and a log fire. I realize that this will be the longest I have been in the same place that I’ve been for at least a year, maybe two, maybe more….its going to be like home.

rockfield landscape

By 11pm we’ve got most of the instruments sounding good. I cook dinner (thank God we’re having a chef as of tomorrow)!