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Back On The Road – Stuttgart

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Back in Germany and all ist GUT! What an amazing way to start off 2013…an early morning flight brings us into the city of Stuttgart, and what a wonderful place it is too. We pick up our hire van and precariously take on the German roads. It’s not long before we arrive at the hotel and make our way to a busy delicatessen full of sausage.


We eat then make our way to the venue, an Hawaiian themed pub called Zwolfzehn, which has hosted lots of SideOne Dummy artists and also David Hause who we are looking forward to travelling around the US with on the up and coming Flogging Molly Green 17 Tour. Seems like just the venue for us!


Marc, the promoter is great and lays on a brilliant spread. We fill our bellies and our boots…and get ready for sound check…ready to shake the cobwebs off and to get into the spirit we neck some lovely German beer. Our support act, Manuel, is great and gradually a crowd builds…there’s even twins and folks who have driven miles to see us! We salute you Sirs!

Wilkommen zu Stuttgart!

As we come on to the stage people start to sing John Kanaka…brilliant. It’s clear we’re going to have some fun…the flagon makes it’s way around the crowd, there’s swaying, stomping and singing as Michael takes his bass into the crowd for some intimate action. FUN FUN FUN! The crowd wants more, we want more! More, more, more! We play on until there’s no more fuel in the instruments…then we get to meet all the crazy folk at the Skinny Shop.

Stuttgart crowd in fine voice

On the way home the snow falls heavy, as we rush into the foyer of the hotel we’re greeted with another party which spots our instruments and request a tune…we start up and eventually get asked to stop as we’re keeping the residents awake! What a great way to start off the first ever German Tour of Skinny Lister…long may it continue!

Snowy Business