Germany 2013On Tour


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A nice lie in and a good breakfast prepares us for another day. It’s only a short 3 hour drive to Munich which is passed comfortably listening to Manuel Winter, the geezer who played with us the night before. We drive through snowy winter scenes and arrive into what looks like the posh side of town in Munich. As we enter Atomic Cafe though it looks good and rough.

Skinny poster in the loo

Just how we like it! There’s sick on the stage from the previous night which once discovered is quickly cleaned thank God and there’s a great spread on for us again. We’re provided with coffee that leaves us twitchy and anxious for hours. There’s good ticket sales so it’s a promising night again…as the room fills we get excited…again a great gig. It seems the people of Munich, Wales and Ireland know how to party!!

We sing, we dance, we drink and then we take photos! Some people fall over but everyone is happy!


Thanks for the jeager, the snuff and everything else! We will be back before the sad closure of Atomic Cafe hopefully. A great venue. It’s an early start in the morning, we’re up at 5am for an 8 hour drive to Munster. Mule returns to the hotel room only to find dan has nicked his towel to shower with. Outrage!

Signing stomachs…