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Waking up at five after the party of the night before was tough going. I’m pretty sure I was still a little drunk. I clamoured into the back of the snowy van and slept for a good while. Anything to shorten the 8hr drive to Munster. It definitely helped though because I woke up feeling fresh. With bread, cheese and drinks from the night before I refuelled to keep Max company up front. To make ourselves useful we start to practice some German…hmm pretty difficult actually!

Max Drives

I forgot to mention that I accidentally picked up a black cardigan from the green room at Atomic Cafe. Please could the owner let me know if you want it back! Very sorry!

We’re really not sure how the next gig will pan out as it’s an early one in an old thatch farm house. It’s sold out though with more wanting to come! Should be fun!

Camino sorts out the windscreen

Once we’ve sound checked there’s little time for much else. We’re given some great food, quickly set up shop then I plaster make-up and hairspray over yesterday’s remains! It works miraculously and I don’t look too bad on 4hours sleep!

Manuel Seig took to the stage first and already had the crowd joining in before 5pm. Great stuff. It should be another great gig even if not quite as much beer has been consumed!

And it is. After a triple encore we’re about beat! We’re so very thankful for everyone’s support! Afterwards we drink beer with locals and are just about ready to drop. We get into the hotel Sleep Station and smell a delicious meal in the main room. Arghhh I am starving. I hold off going in as long as I possibly can before finally relenting. Amazing people work there…they gave us the go ahead to finish off the leftovers! Yes! As a thanks we offer out a few songs…they receive a rather tired version of skinny lister but seem to enjoy it anyway…we also earn ourselves a few extra hours before check out which is a bonus. Thanks do much Sleep Station for food, beer, answers to all my questions, the blue parking card AND breakfast! What an amazing place to stay. I’m sure we’ll be back again!

A leisurely morning is welcomed gladly and a drive to Dusseldorf to the venue FFT through the wintery plains is all we have to worry about…that and where the next meal will come from…

Lorna x

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