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Day Nine and Ten – Spooky cellars and microphones

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We awoke to the sound of sea gulls in Hastings old town the morning after an amazing show at the Stag. I vote the gig best of tour though the Forge was right up there too. It was great to see all my family and old friends – thanks for coming all, we really appreciate the support and we hope you had as good a time as we did!

I found myself waking up on the second floor the Stag which was a trifle unexpected. I was supposed to head back to my Mum’s place after a mix up with the B&B left us a bed short, luckily and very kindly Landlord Alan offered his spare room rather than take a taxi. We then proceeded to share a few after hours rums and went on a spooky tour of the pub’s basement and secret smugglers cave entrances before a deep discussion on how you should sing a sea shanty correctly!

With the Skinnies all packed and loaded into the landrover we headed back to London for a last minute recording session to fully finish the EP, we still had to get the backing track for Farewell to Devon down and Trawler Man needed recording too so we trekked straight to Dan’s house and went into a frenzied 24 hours of recording, mixing, mastering and burning of EP’s. Max and I finished burning the last of the CD’s at 4.30 yesterday (Monday) afternoon before jumping in the Landrover for its final journey to the Enterprise gig. It was close but we made it!

We’ll do a special post about the gig later today or tomorrow when we’ve recovered some pics to illustrate the tale… Stay tuned.

The tour sign hung on stage at The Enterprise...

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