Homemade Tour

Day One – Forge & Flagon

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What a way to start the Homemade Tour. First port of call – Frolesworth to see Alice and the infamous ‘Party’ George (Max and Lorna’s proud parents).  Landrover parked in the drive and we sit down to George’s hot and spicy homemade curry and as a special treat Alice’s apple pie. Yum. All set for a party at the Forge and Flagon – a homemade pub in the backyard of some long time friends.

*Will finish this post later, I’m being dragged away from the computer to play the next gig. love mule x *

Ok, i’m back. We walked into the Forge and Flagon after being warmly welcomed by Landlord and lady Smudge and Mandy to Bing Crosby’s White Christmas floating over the bar. Christmas already? said I.. Outrage. But within seconds I stopped being Octoberist and got into the spirit of the eve. How could I resist with a pub full of jovial fellows and enough booze to sink a battleship?

We played a rip roaring set and were joined on stage twice by George for £40 Wedding and William Harker. Excellent fun. We were also schooled in the technique of flagon drinking as you can see in the below pic. We had no idea there was a correct way of slugging but now we know we shall be spreading the word… Tash was especially good at it.

After we finished, the music decended into rock n’ roll maddness with Dan and myself backing resident Elvis impersonator Paul on some classic 50’s tracks. Once we finally got off stage everyone went into first night of the tour party mode and we cosumed a very large amount of Rum and Jack Daniel’s among other things. This resulted in me being wrestled to the floor by Tash and being carried back to Alice and Georges pad unable to stand. How embarrassing. Thankfully George tried to sober me up with a large whisky and simultaneous ale. The man is a pioneer!

And here are the pics –

I’ll have a quadruple brandy please Landlord
Tash exhibits a perfect Flagon drinking technique
£40 Wedding
Skinny with Party George

Bring on day two.

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