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Homemade Tour

Day Six – Deal or No Deal

By October 30, 2010No Comments

We woke up in Tash’s Mum and Dad’s house a lot later than planned but all feeling much better after a relatively early night and a really good night sleep in super comfortable beds. We all seemed to have had extremely vivid dreams overnight and we regaled each other with stories involving tigers, landrovers, dog shows and canals over breakfast, then we had to get a shift on as we had over 400 miles to drive and not much time to do it in but not before Tash’s mum recorded a little message –

A full days travel on the A1 then followed with two stops for fuel, sweets and a KFC. We pulled into Deal at 8.30 and were instantly amazed by the venue, The Astor which is an old theatre in the middle of town. The guys who ran it had set up a stage in front of the main stage made to look like a living room. The place was packed and we were raring to go after being cooped up in a car for 8 hours.

On route to Deal

The roof was raised, Lorna went mental dancing on chairs and flashing pants as per usual, the gig was roaring. We were also joined onstage for the last three songs by our good friend from Canterbury, Banjoman James. After the show we dumped the gear backstage and ran down to the Walmer Castle, a pub that open all hours and does shots for £1. Things got hazy after this but we were being put up in a house somewhere down the road in a back garden studio. We hauled our sleeping bag for about an hour in a huge circle around Deal until we finally located our destination and instantly passed out on the floor.

Thanks for an excellent night Deal. We can’t wait to come back and do it again!