Homemade Tour

Day Five – Up to the Toon

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Wow! Felt like there was no way forward this morning. Woke up after the night that was Blood, Sweat and Beers to an extremely hot empty house. Anxious feelings all-round after the behaviour of one certain Skinny may have found us out of favour with our kind hosts. After trying to call them a few times we decided it’d be best to just head off and try and find their café. Upon arrival chocolates and flowers were offered and it turned out that they’re hard enough to take a few knocks, spillages and breaks.

Skinnies with their truly wonderful (and slightly damaged) York hosts

Back to York’s Black Swan Inn to pick up our trunks, flagon and instruments and load up the Landy again as we were Newcastle bound via a quick stop at the Angel of the North for a tourist photo.

Skinny silhouettes at the angel of the north

Once again we arrived to delicious homemade food and a hearty warm welcome from the ma and pa of Tash. Once eaten we had a few mins to http://skinnylister.com/skinnybloghttp://skinnylister.com all our online shenanigans before setting up our mobile recording unit in Chris and Billy’s front room for a rendition of the Geordie classic ‘Keep ya feet still geordie hinnie’ by Tash and his dad. It’s so great to get family involved in our creative adventures. Next up loading up the Landy and heading off to the gig at The Bridge Hotel down by the riverside. Here we go again!

It was great to meet loads of Tash’s family and friends at the do. Tash’s Newcastle chums kick started the night with some acoustic numbers followed by my cousin before we Skinnies hit the stage.  A definite highlight was Tash and his Dad’s rendition of the Geordie classic. The crowd footstomped and clapped their was through this number. We rounded off the night by giving Chris and Billy a lift home in the Landy. As we bounced over potholes and swayed our way round bends back to the Gray household shanties and Geordie verse lifted our spirits. Ahh life on the Homemade Tour is heart warming at times. I’m not sure the  Landy will be filled with such emotional warmth on our 400+ mile expedition down to Deal in Kent… tbc