Homemade Tour

Day Four – Blood, Sweat & Beers

By October 27, 2010No Comments

Ok so here we go. Rain, rain and drizzle started the day. Soaked through and tetchy we set off from Ye Olde Star Inn with a hearty breakfast and the offer of a paid Sunday gig under our belts. After anxiously travelling for roughly 8 minutes the tarp worked its way loose from the roof exposing our trunks and double bass. Damn! After turning off and making a few adjustments we set off for the second time to visit Dan’s gran in Selby.

Made it in good time for tea and biscuits with Vilma and Peter. What a lovely way to pass the afternoon. Talked of Dan’s great grandfather who ran a fleet of tea clippers back in the year 1853. So all those sea themed songs really are coming from the heart. Also found out rather shockingly that Mule’s great grandad was a sailor who had two eyes tattooed to his behind! In true Pulp Fiction style Dan was presented with his grandfather’s diamond engagement ring and less like Pulp Fiction but nonetheless heartwarming Lorna received a beautiful black hand-me-down handbag. We left with plenty of warm wishes, an advert for our grand London finale (see below) and the suggestion that Dan’s Gran’d make for our gig in The Black Swan later that eve.

We arrived in York around dinnertime and feasted on Rabbit and Pigeon before regrouping for the evening diddle. Alcohol flowed as usual and what started as a polite sit around the table type affair descended into a night of rambunctious, rollicking, rousing chanties, songs and hollerin. We were joined by our most junior guest yet as Dylan graced the stage for Jon Kanaka after attending the previous evening and picking up the jist of it. After being turfed out of the pub we went on to the wonderful Annelise and Tomo’s place. I don’t think they quite reckoned on inviting a certain member of the band who caused mayhem which included blood, beer and tears. The less said the better maybe. Anyhow they didn’t seem to mind too much as they provided us with a bed and a breakfast at Coffee Culture their delightful little cafe in the centre of York.